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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Street Fighter Alpha 3 cheats and tips. This is a Fighting PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Street Fighter Alpha 3 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Street Fighter Alpha 3 right now. We have more information about "Street Fighter Alpha 3" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

down diaganaly right down diganaly right puch on mode {XorA}
down diaganaly right down diganaly right  kick on mode  {A}
down right backwords +2kick level{a}

Submitted and FULLY tested By: richard 

Play as Evil Ryu and Guile 

Select World Tour mode, then build your character to level 30 and 31.

  Play as Shin Akuma (Gouki) 

Select World Tour mode, then build your character to level 32 and defeat all Akuma's. Then on the
character selection screen, highlight Akuma (Gouki), hold L2 and press any button.

  Dramatic and Final Battle mode 

Beat Arcade mode on difficulty level 8. 

  Fight Super Akuma in Final Battle mode 

Select Final Battle mode. Then, select a character and hold L1 + L2 before the versus screen

  Bonus modes 

Beat Dramatic Battle mode with Ryu/Ken and Juni/Jill to unlock two bonus modes. 

  Classical mode 

Accumulate three hours of game play on the timer in the options menu. Then at the character
selection screen, highlight a character and press Select to play the classic version of their character.

  Saikyo (low guard meter) mode 

Accumulate four hours of game play on the timer in the options menu. Note: Saikyo Karin does not
have the ability to do a 99% throw. Alternatively, beat arcade mode on difficulty level 7. 

  Maji (LO) mode 

Accumulate five hours of game play on the timer in the options menu. Alternatively, beat arcade
mode on difficulty level 7. 

  All modes 

Accumulate ninety-six hours of game play on the timer in the options menu to unlock all modes.

  Alternate introduction sequence 

Accumulate forty-eight hours of game play on the timer in the options menu. Then, instead of
showing the arcade characters, the opening sequence will shows all the new characters (including
Guile and Evil Ryu). Alternatively, unlock all character endings including the bonus characters.

  Alternate Balrog 

Beat World Tour mode without unlocking Evil Ryu or Guile. Then at the character selection screen
in any mode, highlight Balrog, hold L2 and press any button. 

Submitted By: Dragon Breath


This tip is for players who are willing to brave the higher levels 
of computer intelligence.

You may have noticed that the computer player, well, knows a great 
deal in the way of combos. This is due to the fact that the CPU is
an expert at exploiting human imperfection. Well, here are a few 
things that may help you gain a slight if not masterful edge on the

db-down back
df-down foward
j-jump into opponent's combat zone
c-cross your opponent 
360-rotate joystick 360 degrees

For characters that perform in battle with techniques like Ryu 
(this includes Ryu, Ken and Akuma. This does not work with Dan or 
Sakura, as their styles are too deviant from the main.) here is an
awesome chain combination that is nearly infallible when used on the
brainless computer.

First, execute an arial spinning kick upon the opponent (d,db,b + k). On
harder levels, the computer will most always attempt to recover from a
fall (you know, that brief white flash then he/she recovers from the fall-
you can also do this using the L1 or L2 button). As the computer recovers,
you have an option. 

Option number one: Execute a well timed Dragon Uppercut, scoring 
anywhere from one to four hits. You can even execute another 
whirlwing kick or fireball following this up. 

Option number two: This is harder, as the computer will attempt to 
knock you out of it. Execute another whirlwind kick. This can be 
followed by a fireball or third whirlwing kick. Once I was lucky, and
using Akuma, I whirlwind kicked an enemy the entire way across the screen.
This is unlikely, so I don't suggest it. 

Option three: This ends the whole sequence, but you can also throw a

All of these sequences can be deadly, causing a lot of damage. Also
remember that they do not ALWAYS work. Also, it is highly possible you can
work a supermove into the fray.

Coming soon: The merits of multihit- the spectacular Gen. Also
featuring special attention on Akuma, Guy and Blanka.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: The Silent Warrior


beat arcade mode on diffuculty level 8.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Bad boy singh 007

How To play as Evil Ryu, Evil Ken, and Super Cody:

To preform this trick, press L1,L2,R1,R2 and Start at the title screen or
the the Capcom screen. If done correctly, when you play as Ryu, at the
beginning of the fight he will appear as Evil Ryu. Ken will have a blue
costume on. Cody will have on orange & white stripes.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Marcus
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