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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Suikoden cheats and tips. This is a Strategy RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Suikoden cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Suikoden right now. We have more information about "Suikoden" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

 Go to the inn at Kaku, downstairs you will find a dude that will join you if you 
beat him in dices(not Tai Ho). Then he is inside the Toran castle you can play dices
whenever you like . The good thing is that you will earn more money if you play with him, 
cause he will double the bet every time you win. But remember to save
your game before, cause you may get broke. 

Submitted By: Sweenie

To Get Fuma:

When you reach the Palace of the Dragon Knights, you can walk all the way up and to the 
right of the screen and there you will see a tiny bit of red sticking out on
the palace wall. Walk over and talk to this red thing which is actually the hair of Fuma,the 
ninja.He will join your party because of your seeing ability. 
Upgrade Your Blacksmiths:First, take the first three blacksmiths you get to the Warriors 
Village to get Moose,a better blacksmith.Then take all four to Seek Vally
where you will get Mace,the best blacksmith.


If any one needs extra gold bits flow in Suikoden, note the following: At the very early stage, 
at Rockland, you'll meet Marco the hustler. Play the game with her.
When she asks how much to be bet on, say 10,000 bits- provided you do have that 
much in hand, of course. Always bet on the right cup, the gold bit will be there.
Continue for a second round, still bet for 10,000 bits, bet bet on the center cup. Then 
quit playing with her. Walk right back to her and play again, each time you
play, play two round as suggested, bet the first one on the right, the second on the center, 
and quit. Do this loop till your heart's content, or till your wallet's full. Be
warned however, when you get aroung the region of 400,000 gold bits from Marco, she will 
change the sequence the gold bit appears under the cups. Nevertheless,
400,000 bits will be very comfortably to start any RPG game. Notice also, when you meet 
Marco again in the Warrior Village and try to recruit her, just bet once
for 10,000 bits and one the right cup. However, if you need more cash flow this time, the 
previous sequence does not work after she joins. 

This is a follow-up on my previous note on obtain more gold for suikoden. The complete 
cycle of Marco's game you want to bet on 10,000 gold bits per
trial is: Right, Center, Center, Left. Note: everything else mentioned before still 
stands for the trick. 

Code Submitted by: Cloud Maverick

More Money: 

In the town of Rockland talk to the woman named Marco who is located near the inn. 
She'll offer you the chance to gamble away your life savings. It doesn't matter
how much you bet as long as you follow this order. First, choose the middle cup, then 
pick Right, Right, Right, Right, Middle, Left, Middle, Left, Middle, Middle,
Left, Middle, Middle, Middle. Repeat as often as needed. 
Submitted By: jdheller


To get Clive : Clive randomly appears at the inn at Rikon. It's about 1/100 times so you 
must be dilligent. To get Nester : Go to where you met Kun to and Sarah.
Go to each house conected to the laudry line. Taste the stew in each house and go to 
Kun to House. Nester is there. To get Pesmerga : Reclime Neclord's tower
after he's dead. Pasmerga is at the top. To get Gremio back : Get to the Last Battle with 
ALL 108 characters. To keep Pahn alive : Get him to about level 35 with
his weapon at level 12 and the best armour from Chapman. Pahn will now have a chance. 
The key is to understand when Teo will attack and when he'll defend.
Never attack when he defends or he'll retaliate strongly. To get Crowley : Check the south 
walls in Qlon's cave. - "Einstien"

Gremio & Water Rune:

In the begining of the game, when you find a Water Rune, give it to
Gremio.  He has the besy use for it, he will end up having the lowest Mp. 
Even though he dies, he can still use it before he dies.  MAKE SURE YOU
GIVE IT TO HIM AT LEVEL10-15, the reason is because you wont have very
much potions to heal so u need a healer and Gremio is weak, so give it to

Cleo& Fire Rune:

In the begining of the game, when you get the Fire Rune from the lady in
Magicians's Island, Give it to Cleo because she will have the best use of

Submitted but NOT tested By: Clayton(Fire Dragon) Shue

Unlimited Medicines and Antitoxins:

Use 5 of your 6 medicines and put the one left over in Rocks vault. Stay at Maries inn. 
Then go back to rocks vault and you'll have 6 medecines again.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: john Kerr
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