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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Syphon Filter 2 cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Syphon Filter 2 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Syphon Filter 2 right now. We have more information about "Syphon Filter 2" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




Pause the game, highlight the "Map" option, then hold Right + L2
+ R2 + Circle + Square + X (simultaneously). Then, enter the
options screen and choose the "Cheats" selection.

Submitted by Spit


In the in-game options menu, you can view movies that you have
unlocked during your progress through the game. You'll see 2
extra movies that you couldn't get by playing through the first time.
To unlock these movies you must play the game in 'HARD' mode and to
get this mode, do the following. Go to the title screen and then
New Game, press Up+Select+L1+R2+Square+Circle+X at the same
time. Finishing certain levels on hard mode unlocks bonus movies.

Submitted by Gorah


To access the movie theatre without
completing the game, pause the game
highlight the briefing option, but don't
select it now press these buttons but
don't let them go until the last one has
been entered. Hold right, L1, R2, O and
x when the x has been entered and you
are holding all th buttons, it will
continuously beep.  Now release and
select options then the cheat selection
You can now view all of the movies, bar
those opened in hard mode.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: GTAL


During the game pause, and highlight
Weaponry then hold select+L2+square+X+circle.
Now go to the Options screen and select cheats.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Justin


go to the weaponry option and hold L2+select+circle+square+x

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Pierre Reed


Pause game play and highlight the "Map" option. Then hold Right   L2   R2 
 Circle   Square   X. A sound will confirm correct code entry. Enter the
options screen and select "Cheats". This allows the current mission to be
successfully completed.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan Martin

Please email us any new CHEAT CODES for this game using the form below



When you start a new game in the first level and are
on the parachute, can you see a guy lying next to a
huge rock? There is a H11 with full ammo. To get to
the rock, fly infront of the rock and press the down
button and you will elevate. Then press forward to get
to the rock. It's hard, but you'll get it! 

In the first level, when you meet the guy who tells
you to follow him so he'll take you to Chance, follow
him till the opening of the cave, then turn around and
run in the direction opposite the cave. There is a M16
with full ammo. It's hard to find, but its there. 
                Submitted by Sherry


To beat Gregarov in the Park, hide behind the statue with the horse and
rider on it and wait for Gregarov to walk around to the opposite side so
that he cannot see you.  Then, using your sniper rifle, start picking off
lights around the Park.  Be careful, though, because when you shoot,
Gregarov will come looking for you.  If he does, get out of sniper mode
and move around the statue till he starts walking again.  After all the
lights are out, you just have to get close enough to him from behind and
zap him with your hand tazer!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Mike Woods


 to kill chance first you have to collect the auto shotgun located in case
in the left side of the chopper.  A flak jacket is located on the other
Arm the auto SG and while rolling to avoid sure death align yourself with
the rear rotor of the chopper.  make sure you give yourself adequate
distance between yourself and the chopper.  When Chance gets directly
 between you and the rotor start blasting until he is blown back into the
and is chopped into tiny pieces.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Rock


The Game leaves you at the opposit side of the Morgan. As Morgan starts
moving to left side of you, Press R1 to get manual aim. And the moron
Morgan will continue to run to you left and will pass though your aim
giving you a head shot. Bingo!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Prashant


when you play pharcom expo centre save a bullet for
your crossbow then when you pass the level and get up
to morgan hold R1 with the crossbow and shoot and he
is dead in 1 shot

Submitted and FULLY tested By: TIM O'BRIEN


if you catch fire on a level, just roll around for a while, 
and the fire will go out.

i think it takes 2 forward rolls, but it works on any

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris Mortimore


after   you   meet  chance   in  the   first   level  go  to   were  
the waterfall  is  fall   down   but   hang   on   an   there  is   a
cave   with   a   fully   loaded   H11 in  it.    

Submitted but NOT tested By: KRISTOPHER


If you are suddenly attacked and have for example a flashlight 
equiped, press start and take as long as you want to pick a weapon 
before resuming action.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Elie Kirshenbaum


After you follow Gershon to the computer room he'll kneel in the corner. 
If you just go over and access the computer, he'll sneak out before you
can get past the barrage of snipers that spill into the room.  Instead,
after Gershon kneels down, blast him.  He's as worthless a character as
Erickson was in the 1st syphon why not?

Submitted and FULLY tested By: OTACON


just use a granade to kill him.  to do this simply wait behind one of the
stacks of boxs for  morgan to get withen rang of where to granade will
land. the key is to drop it in his path. be advised he will try and run
away from it so timeing  is important. 

Submitted but NOT tested By: R. J. Taylor


On the level where you need to stop a train 5 miles of a "downed" C-130,
when you're on the 4th blue boxcar,turn so your back is facing the left
side,drop and use the r directional button to move over to the middle of
the boxcar where you should see the secret area. Use d to drop down and
this guy will say,"What the hell?!",shoot him and in front of you you'll
get a pack of 5 grenades. To exit,go back to the opening you came in,turn
180 degrees,hit t to grab on the rail above you,and hit u directional
button to go back on top of the boxcar.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kyle Tekaucic

Please email us any new GAME TIPS for this game using the form below


infinite ammo codes all versions of  gameshark codes for syphon filter 2(ntsc):

gameshark infinite ammo codes for the ntsc (american) version codes.
compatible to all types of gameshark codes:
Infinite Ammo-Silenced 9mm 3012A5BE 0063 
Infinite Ammo-9mm 3012A5C2 0063 
Infinite Ammo-.45 3012A5C6 0063 
Infinite Ammo-M-16 3012A5CA 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Silenced HK-5 3012A5CE 0063 
Infinite Ammo-HK-5 3012A5D2 0063 
Infinite Ammo-PK-102 3012A5D6 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Shotgun 3012A5DA 0063 
Infinite Ammo-UAS-12 3012A5DE 0063 
Infinite Ammo-G-18 3012A5E2 0063 
Infinite Ammo-BIZ-2 3012A5E6 0063 
Infinite Ammo-K3G4 3012A5EA 0063 
Infinite Ammo-H11 3012A5EE 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Silent Sniper Rifle 3012A5F2 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Sniper Rifle 3012A5F6 0063  
Infinite Ammo-Nightvision Rifle 3012A5FA 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Incendiary Grenade 3012A612 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Nerve Gas Grenade 3012A616 0063 
Infinite Ammo-M-79 3012A60E 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Tear Gas Launcher 3012A62A 0063 
Infinite Ammo-Crossbow 3012A5FE 0063 
Infinite Ammo-C4 3012A61A 0063
note: when you want to collect a weapon from a box or where you have to get it
it won't let you get the weapon instead it will say the weapons ammo is maxed when
you don't have it because the "bug" makes the game think it has the weapons when you don't
so this is the trick,turn off the gameshark it won't freeze the game but will change
the ammo on the weapon collected.Anyway take the weapon,press start and turn back the 
gameshark and you have the weapon with infinite ammo for that weapon.if all hell
goes loss(when you still can't get the weapon)just put this code in the gameshark:
Have All Weapons & Items 8012A5B0 FFFF 
                      8012A5B2 FFFF 
just a small note to the all weapons code you have all weapons but the picture on the
top right corner when choosing the weapon doesn't appear if the weapon isn't on the level.
don't go up or down the column when you select a weapon to start at back to the top
or bottom names otherwise the game will freeze.

here is my final codes now:
Unlock All Missions 8014AF3C 0015 
Unlock All Cheats & Multi-Player Stuf
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