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Playstation cheat codes

TEKKEN 3 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Tekken 3 cheats and tips. This is a Fighting PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Tekken 3 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Tekken 3 right now. We have more information about "Tekken 3" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




To get these secret characters, you must beat the 
game a certain number of times.

Kuma		Complete Arcade mode once.
Julia		Complete Arcade mode with two characters.
Gun Jack 	Complete Arcade mode with three characters.
Mokujin		Complete Arcade mode with four characters.
Anna		Complete Arcade mode with five characters.
Bryan		Complete Arcade mode with six characters.
Heihachi	Complete Arcade mode with seven characters.
Ogre		Complete Arcade mode with eight characters.
True Ogre	Complete Arcade mode with nine characters.

To play as the Superfly Tiger, beat Arcade Mode 16 times. 
Then highlight Eddy and press Start. 

To play as Gon, beat him in Tekken Ball mode.

Dr. Boskonovitch:
Finish the Tekken Force Mode 3 times to get 3 keys. 
When you get to the 5th level you'll fight Dr. Boskonovitch. 
When you beat him then you will be able to pick him.

Highlight Kuma at the Character Select screen and press 
Circle or Triangle.

Tekken Ball and Theater Modes:
Beat all 10 main characters in Arcade Mode to get Tekken Ball 
mode and Tekken Theater mode

Alternate introductions:
Complete the game with the ten regular characters to see an 
alternate introduction featuring the characters in their two-player 
mode costumes. For another one, complete the game with all 
characters including the secret ones.

Alternate costumes:
Play as any character the indicated number of times. Then, highlight 
that fighter on the Character Select screen and press Start: 
Xiaoyu: 50 times
Jin: 50 times
Anna: 25 times
Gun Jack: 10 times

Replay Mode:
Go to Practice, then go to the Freestyle Menu. Press R1+R2+L1+L2+Circle 
for Recorder Mode (if you did it right, you should see a notice on the screen). 
This lets you save and replay moves in practice mode.


OK, to get secret characters, go to OPTIONS and put in 1 game per 
opponent and whatever time limit you want, then go to arcade and 
beat the game with each person and each time you beat it with some 
one, you will get a secret character

Submitted By: Richard Houseal

To get GON character: 

in a very easy way, just play with any of the 10 main
 Caracters in Time Survival mode, after you defeat all the other characters,
 and when writing your name in the Records List at the end of the game
 ( Of course you are in position 1 because it's very easy ) type GON, and
 then GON is a selectable character.

Submitted By: Alberto


The easiest way to beat Tekken Force Mode is to use the Gon character, 
just keep spinning ( the "0" button ) and you should beat it all 3 times 

Submitted By: Lu-Tang


The easiest way to complete Tekken is to follow these steps:
1)Go to options,Controller Configeration and assign X & O to R1
2)Go out of Controller Config. and go into Options and select 1 round 
  and choose Character Re-select after continue screen
3)Use Law to complete the levels(just keep pressing R1)
4)When you reach true Ogre delibratly die and choose Eddy as your
  next character and use the following button sequence:-right and X,OOO,
  O,X,O,X,XXX this should (if you hit him all the time, that is!)take off 1/2
  his this twice to kill him.
Repeat this as many times as it takes to get all the Secret Characters!

Submitted By: Luke Stanbra


To get any old character go to Jack 2
and press s,s,s,s,s,s,c,c,c,c,c,c,c,x,x
x,x,x,t,t,t,t,t,t, and then go to 2 
player game and fight anyone of your 
choice and win on a 3 matches game. If 
you do this correct you will beable to 
pick any old player that you want.
This should work. Good luck!!!!!!!
Submitted By:: Joshua  Adamo


an easier way to get GON is to beat  
survival mode and get a high score. 
then when it asks for the initials put 
in GON. now you should be able to play with him 

Submitted By:: fox

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To beat the Tekken force mode use  
Panda and keep on bear hugging.
(Square and Triangle).
That way it is easy to win!!!
Submitted By: brenden_21

Tekken Ball Mode and GON:
After you get the arcade hidden characters you can
access Tekken Ball Mode. Your first opponent will be
GON. Beat him and you will be able to use him. 

Movie Mode
Beat the game with every character, (except Dr.B)
and you will get a movie mode. Now you can watch
every ending without fighting, and pop in your tekken
2 cd to see those movies too. 

Disco Inferno and Delinquent Students:
To get the School uniforms for Jin and Xao, just play
with them a lot. use them something like 10 times
each and you should be able to get their new
uniforms. I think it's the same with eddi's 70's

The final hidden character; Dr. B:
To get Doctor Bostonivich you must beat tekken force
mode. Every time you beat it you will get a key. First
copper, then silver then gold. The next time you beat
the fourth level you will face Doctor B. Beat him to
add him to your list of fighters. 

Gun Jack, and Kuma have extendable endings. Beat
the game again to get them. 

Secret Characters:
Just beat the game in Arcade mode with any
character and receive a new character. 

Secret Fighters

Complete the game in Arcade mode.

Complete Arcade mode twice.

Gun Jack
Complete Arcade mode three times.

Complete Arcade mode four times. Mokujin is a wooden man/woman who 
adopts the
fighting style and moves of other characters.

Complete Arcade mode five times.

Complete Arcade mode six times.

Complete Arcade mode seven times.

Complete Arcade mode eight times.

True Ogre
Complete Arcade mode nine times.

Highlight Kuma on the character select screen and press l or 5.

Complete the game with all the main characters. Then highlight Eddy 
on the character select screen and press s.

Doctor B
Complete Tekken Force mode four times, then defeat Doctor Boskonovitch 
when he appears. You can then select him in Arcade mode. His secret 
underground cave stage will also be unlocked.

There are two ways of obtaining Gon. You can either complete 
Arcade mode using Doctor B, or you can defeat Gon in the secret 
Tekken Ball mode. To use Gon in Arcade mode, move the cursor
either left or right off the character select screen.

Secret Costumes

Some of the fighters have a third costume, selected 
by pressing Start to choose them on the character select 
screen. However, to unlock secret costumes for each character, 
you have to play them a certain number of times in Arcade 
mode (without pausing and choosing 'Reset'). The quickest
way is to set the timer to 20 seconds, battles to one round, 
and allow yourself to be defeated, then
choose not to continue.

To see her in school uniform, you have to play her 50 times in Arcade 

To make him don rugby-style top and stripy trousers (school uniform?), 
him 50 times in Arcade

She gets her high-fashion white outfit, complete with hat, after you've
played her 25 times in Arcade

Gun Jack
To see him in his earlier 'Jack-2' form, you only have to play him 10 
in Arcade mode.

If you want to access a hidden stage  which is high school place, 
get Jin's and Xaiou's school costume. 

Let Jin or Xaiou play as the challenger with their school costumes 
to be in this secret stage.

Submitted but NOT tested By: Kevin

The easiest way to beat tekken is to go in to options then button 
configuration and program in L1,L2,R1 and R2 as different combos 
such as X,O and grabs then just use these when playing. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: jackson lindner

1. Put These On The Buttons In "Key Configration"
Triangle And Circle On R1
X And Circle On R2
Square And Circle On L1
And L2 Has No Use

2. Go To Any Mode And A Player You Want 

3. Press L1 L2 R1 R2 At The Same Time And You'll 
Have Super Carged For A Little While

Submitted and FULLY tested By: dan*99*

Play as Tiger and beat the game to get a second movie for Eddy

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dan*99*

All you got to do is hold d,f and tap o.
Hold it down good or King will stand up and the combo will end.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Kevin


You know how Eddy can brak dance and fight at once!
Well for some awsome moves try these:
Cool Flip(if you do this real close it will nock the  out of the
other character: -> -> o Nice kick flip: <- <- o Cool kick: ^ ^ o I am not
sure how to power up,but it mostly works when you press the whole key pad
at once. To find out more moves,just press any 2 buttons and -> -> or <-

Key: <-=forward ->=Back ^=up o=letter O on controler

Submitted but NOT tested By: Jonny

Mokujin sound like tree:

Chose Mokujin in any mode.While is loading press and hold down.
When you win , hold it again. Do it every round.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Alexander Baliko

Different gestures after you win a match.:

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