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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Theme Park World cheats and tips. This is a Strategy PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Theme Park World cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Theme Park World right now. We have more information about "Theme Park World" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




200 Gold Tickets:
You must do this 4 times in a row.

Everything free
You must do this 8 times in a row

Get all research done
You must do this 8 times in a row.
Submitted and FULLY tested By: Mr. Knowitall


When park is full save and reload the game and all trash will be picked up

Submitted but NOT tested By: jack


Put a sideshow down, then when a person
leaves in there raise the price to $10.000
and that person will have to pay.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Dale


Build a side show that you can play on, go to the sideshow info, set the
chance of winning to maximum and then play the sideshow and win. You can
only get one ticket a side show, and you have to have the camcorder. You
can't do this on the easy one. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tristan Gallaher


While in the park press [LEFT,DOWN,X CIRCLE] eight 
times.If this has been entered correctly you will hear
a sound

Submitted and FULLY tested By: David Meehan

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Below are a couple of ways to evacuate all of your visitors pockets of all
their money
Put in tons of ice for the drinks, and make very fatty burgers
Side Shows
Make the chances of winning as little as possible
Gift Shops
Make the gifts as expensive as you can get away with.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris Mortimore


A good tip is to put the french fry stand and a soda stand right next to
each other. Boost up the salt all the way so the little people get a dry
mouth then write next to the french fry stand put a cola stand and put
the price to about 200 then they will buy the drinks like mad cause they
are so thirsty. DON'T rasie the price to high or else they won't buy.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Holly

GET 10K:

On any park build the giant puzzle sideshow then when some one goes on the
sideshow hold put the price of the game up to its highest which is 10,000.
Then click on the 3 ticks before they finish the game and then there will
be 10k everytime this this cheat is done! NOTE: you have to put the price
back after the person have done so other people will go on it then just do
the process again

Submitted but NOT tested By: Bryan Wood


Once your park is up and running and making a reasonable profit, go away
for about an hour or two, when you come back you should have about $200

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Lord Draco


Put your ticket price up to 150. Once your park has got lots of visitors,
save your game then load the game up. You'll have the same amount of money
and all your visitors will be out the park. About 50 of them will come in
and pay the money again!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Nathan Buswell


When you start your theme park, research all the rides but don't put
them all in the park, only put a few, then when the little man in the
corner sais that maybe you should think about putting some new rides in or
upgrading some, place the ones you've researched into the park and it
should keep the visitors happy for years

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Gary Lloyd


When building your park, but a chip shop and put the salt levels up
extremely high. This will make the little people so thirsty they will buy
drink for whatever prices you want to charge, Place you drinks stand next
to the chip shop and make the prices as high as you want!!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Natalie


if you put the ride of your choosing near the gate 
more people will use that ride [roller coaster already

Submitted and FULLY tested By: mr. simulation


build a dino cart ride, when you are done connecting each side press x
to build a path and put it right on the track and that part will turn
into a bridge instead of putting a adon and the dino carts will not
get in the way. 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: eddie alexander maillet

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Start/Stop Date (Press L1+R2 To Start & L1+R1 To Stop) 
D0109C36 F9FF
80066E78 000C 
D0109C36 F9FF 
80066E7A AE04 
D0109C36 F3FF 
80066E7A 2400 
Money Never Decreases 80088D62 2400 
Max Gold Tickets 80103358 0032 
Infinite Stock-Rides 8005EA72 2400 
Infinite Stock-Shops 8005E4DE 2400 
Infinite Stock-Sideshows 8005E20E 2400 
Infinite Stock-Features 8005E3762400 
Infinite Stock-Track Rides 8005E7A2 2400 
Infinite Stock-Roller Coasters 8005E646 2400 
Infinite Stock-Guards 8005D87E 2400 
Infinite Stock-Mechanics 8005D722 2400 
Infinite Stock-Janitors 8005D5C6 2400 
Infinite Stock-Researchers 8005D46A 2400 
Infinite Stock-Entertainers 8005D30E 2400 
Max/Infinite Money (Practice Park) 801D565C FFFF 801D565E0FFF  
Lost Kingdom-Prehistoric World Codes
Park is Open (GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) 
D01ED972 0001
111ED972 0001 
Max/Infinite Money 
801D56B8 FFFF
801D56BA 0FFF 
Quick Research-Rides D01D561E 0000
801D561E 00FF 
Quick Research-Shops D01D563A 0000
801D563A 00FF 
Quick Research-Sideshows D01D5656 0000
801D5656 00FF 
Quick Research-Features D01D5672 0000
801D5672 00FF 
22 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D568E 0000
801D568E 00FF 
 Halloween World-Realm of Terror Codes 
23 Park is Open
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D01ED9AA 0001
111ED9AA 0001 
24 Infinite/Max Cash 801D19E0 FFFF
801D19E2 0FFF 
25 Quick Research-Rides D01D1946 0000
801D1946 FFFF  
26 Quick Research-Shops D01D1962 0000
801D1962 FFFF 
27 Quick Research-Sideshows D01D197E 0000
801D197E FFFF 
28 Quick Research-Features D01D199A 0000
801D199A FFFF 
29 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D19B6 0000
801D19B6 FFFF 
 Wonder Land-Land of Dreams Codes 
30 Park is Open
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D01ED9E2 0001
111ED9E2 0001 
31 Infinite/Max Cash 801D2C18 FFFF
801D2C1A 0FFF 
32 Quick Research-Rides D01D2B7E 0000
801D2B7E FFFF 
33 Quick Research-Shops D01D2B9A 0000
801D2B9A FFFF 
34 Quick Research-Sideshows D01D2BB6 0000
801D2BB6 FFFF 
35 Quick Research-Features D01D2BD2 0000
801D2BD2 FFFF 
36 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D2BEE 0000
 Lost Kingdom-The Park Time Forgot Codes 
37 Park is Open
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D01ED98E 0001
111ED98E 0001 
38 Infinite/Max Cash 801D5684 FFFF
801D5686 0FFF 
39 Quick Research-Rides D01D55EA 0000
801D55EA FFFF 
40 Quick Research-Shops D01D5606 0000
801D5606 FFFF 
41 Quick Research-Sideshows D01D5622 0000
801D5622 FFFF 
42 Quick Research-Features D01D563E 0000
801D563E FFFF 
43 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D565A 0000
801D565A FFFF 
 Halloween-Ghost World Codes 
44 Park is Open
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D01ED9C6 0001
111ED9C6 0001 
45 Infinite/Max Cash 801D1944 FFFF
801D1946 0FFF 
46 Quick Research-Rides D01D18AA 0000
801D18AA FFFF 
47 Quick Research-Shops D01D18C6 0000
801D18C6 FFFF 
48 Quick Research-Sideshows D01D18E2 0000
801D18E2 FFFF 
49 Quick Research-Features D01D18FE 0000
801D18FE FFFF 
50 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D191A 0000
801D191A FFFF 
 Space Zone-The Final Frontier Codes 
51 Park is Open
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D01EDA1A 0001
111EDA1A 0001 
52 Infinite/Max Cash 801D2540 FFFF
801D2542 0FFF 
53 Quick Research-Rides D01D24A6 0000
801D24A6 FFFF 
54 Quick Research-Shops D01D24C2 0000
801D24C2 FFFF 
55 Quick Research-Sideshows D01D24DE 0000
801D24DE FFFF 
56 Quick Research-Features D01D24FA 0000
801D24FA FFFF 
57 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D2516 0000
801D2516 FFFF 
 Wonderland-Enchanted Island Codes 
58 Park is Open
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D01ED9FE 0001
111ED9FE 0001 
59 Infinite/Max Cash 801D2C3C FFFF
801D2C3E 0FFF 
60 Quick Research-Rides D01D2BA2 0000
801D2BA2 FFFF 
61 Quick Research-Shops D01D2BBE 0000
62 Quick Research-Sideshows D01D2BDA 0000
63 Quick Research-Features D01D2BF6 0000
801D2BF6 FFFF 
64 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D2C12 0000
801D2C12 FFFF 
 Space Zone-Star Park Codes 
65 Park is Open
(GS 2.2 Or Higher Needed!) D01EDA36 0001
111EDA36 0001 
66 Infinite/Max Cash 801D2360 FFFF
801D2362 0FFF 
67 Quick Research-Rides D01D22C6 0000
801D22C6 FFFF 
68 Quick Research-Shops D01D22E2 0000
801D22E2 FFFF 
69 Quick Research-Sideshows D01D22FE 0000
801D22FE FFFF 
70 Quick Research-Features D01D231A 0000
801D231A FFFF 
71 Quick Research-Upgrades D01D2336 0000
801D2336 FFFF 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Travis

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