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Playstation cheat codes

TOMB RAIDER 2 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Tomb Raider 2 cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Tomb Raider 2 cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Tomb Raider 2 right now. We have more information about "Tomb Raider 2" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


On lara's course at her house on the last obsticle 
(the one with the rope slide at the top) whin you get to the top 
step all the way to the front then step all the way to the right.
turn about 1/10 of a turn to the right.jump in the air wile your 
in the air press the look button and down. 

Let go before you hit the ground. do this about 3 times and you'll get on 
top of the tower.and you can jump on to the wall around her house 
and mess around.

Submitted By: papasmurf


This is not exactly a cheat but it is very funny.  In Lara's house keep
jumping over the butler's head (you know when he makes it sound like he
is scared?)  He will fart!!  It is really funny!

Submitted By: BigAl


to make Lara explode... one STEP forward, one STEP back, 
rotate 3 times to the RIGHT, and 
JUMP FORWARD...easy way to end that level if you really mess up.

SAVING THE GAME is an option now. Don't be fooled by looking for save
gems, they don't exist. It's an option in your passport in the inventory

Submitted By: Matt Porter

Go left always in the maze unless your only option is to go right.  When
you get to the back of the maze you will see a brick wall, turn right 
and then first right again and fall into the hole.  Then go to the end 
of the passage and jump out, push the button on the wall and you will 
see a movie of the door opening back in the house.  This door is timed, 
so you have to be fast.  Return to the house following the maze turning 
right everytime unless you have to turn left.  Exit the maze at the 
end and run back into the house and through the front door.  
A secret door will have opened to the right of the clock and 
it leads to the basement below.

Codes submitted by: Clara Loft

Sidestep left, sidestep right, sidestep left, step backward, 
step forward, spin three times, forwards jump turn.

Sidestep left, sidestep right, sidestep left, step backward, 
step forward, spin three times, backwards jump turn.

To execute the 'spin three times' portion of the code, 
just stand still and press and hold left or right on the D-pad. 
Lara will turn around in place. Do this three full times, then 
finish the code. •To jump turn, simply press the 
roll button (Circle) while in midair. Lara will twist around 
and land safely - try it! 

All the above codes have been verified. If they don't work, 
try again - you'll eventually get it.



Walk into the kitchen and open the freezer,
go inside and wait for the butler to arrive.  Once he comes in jump
over him and close the door behind you.

submitted by: Mitch Ochoa


To perform the SEXY handstand.  Jump up to a ledge
and let Lara pull herself up while holding down the WALK button.Mmmmm.

Submitted by Clara Loft


to dive into water with style hold the walk(R1) button
down, then press square and finally up.
when this is performed on land Lara will roll
when she hits the ground.


When in VENICE, in the end of the level you have to:
Jump out of the boat and enter the door until you can stand. Shoot the
henchman and grab his ammo when he is dead. Flip the switch to open the 
obstacle in your escape of this level. This is a timed sequence of 
events and the
clock starts ticking once you get back in your boat. Anything less than 
a perfect
performance and you will be redoing this segment so save your game.

Accelerate your boat and jump the ramp, braking immediately when you 
land so
you can make the sharp turn at the second left into the large canal, 
then make a
sharp right into the smaller canal with the open gates. Make another 
right at the
intersection and speed down the canal to the exit...

  According your walkthrough, but I discovered that the easier way to do 
it is:

  Go with the speadboat near the canal and leave it there, jumping in 
the water. Go swiming back to the room above descriped, kill the 
henchman and flip the switch. Now swin under the door, DON'T USE THE 
RAMPS, and swin back to the speadboat, the timed sequence just starts 
when you enter back the speadboat.

Submitted by: Charles


Simply beat the game and save it
 when it asks.  Now when you load a game
off of your memory card you will have 
all the wepons but they will not have
a number of how much ammo you have,
so you will have infinite.

Submitted By: Matt Howard


On the very first level don't swing across the valley on the rope.
Instead carefully climb down the rocks and take on the T-Rex creatures

Submitted by: Spit

In VENICE at the end you are being timed.Therfore here is an easy way 
to beat the end.
First you leave the speedboat in the canal then you have to kill the 
henchman (plus I suggest you save here so that you don't have to kill 
the guy again). Next you hit the swich then you swim under the door.
DON'T GO OVER THE RAMP OR YOU WILL BE TIMED! Then you swim pass the 
speedboat cause you will be TIMED if 
you go in the boat. Now all you have to do is swim to the big door 
without worrying about the time.Therefore you passed the board without 
using the time.

Submitted By: Maria

There is a really quick and easy way to kill the massive dragon at the 
end of the game. First, as soon as you get into the dragon room and 
activate the dragon, fall into the water and get all the uzi ammo. Now 
simply hop out and run towards the big open area where you first got 
into this room. But, make sure that if the dragon is following you, to 
swerve left and right to avoid the flames. Now carry on heading towards 
the entry and when you get near it start making a turn to face the 
dragon until your uzis aim and then start firing. Not letting go of the 
action button, start running circles around the dragon while firing.
This way sure beats most walkthroughs recomendations of taking potshots 
and then taking cover. But just remember that if you take to long to get 
the dagger out of the dragons belly he will come back to life and stand 
all over you!

Submitted by Jimbob Simpson

Get on the roof of Lara's mansion:

  In the training level, go past the front door in the outside of Lara's
house, and get on the small step connected to the wall. Use the corner trick
used on the rope slide bye jumping and pressing look+up. Make sure to have the
1/10 of a turn. This is harder than the rope slide jump, but when you make it
do it again on the level of the house you just got onto, it will be much
easier. When on the thrid level of the outside of the house, simply climb up
onto the ledge behind you and you will be up on the top of the house. From
here you can do plenty of fun things, like get onto the balcony outside of
Lara's room, climb on top of the oddly sealed up "chimneys".  If you can do
this, then it will be easy to use this "corner bug" in other levels to climb
over walls and such.

Gold Dragon + T Rex:

When in the great wall of china on the first level, when you go
to take the flying fox at the end, go the to right a bit and look over
the side and you will see some mossy bits sticking out from the wall.
What you have to do is drop down backwards and grab again.  Remember
to be above the moss when you do this - Green means good, Gray means
death.  When you grab again you will catch a small crevice, shimmy
right and pull up.  Get the flares at the back of the cave here and
go to the left where there is a ladder.  Descend to the very bottom
(its a long way baby)  and you can see some skeletons.  Run out and
when you hear the shaking its time to move.  Go back into your 
corridoor and await the 1st T rex.  This beast is a bit of a savage
so unless you are looking for some fun then hide in the corridoor
and fire out your shotgun along with your honour. when he is dead
(ages later)  proceede along the ravine untill you get to a little
alcove near the back where the gold dragon resides.  Turn around
and lo and behold there goes some more rumbling.  Instict should send
you diving back to the alcove or adventure will send you forwards with
you putty pistols blazing.  You can go past him or kill him death is
better tho then ascend the ladder to the very top back to the flying
fox where you can continue the level.  Dont let the tigers kill you or
make you flip over the edge especially after your impressive display 
of skill   :)

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Chris Parnell


You remember way back at the start of the game? Well at the start of the
first level when you get on the ledge that makes the 2nd tiger appear turn
to the right and you will see another ledge. Jump on to it and run along
it and you will see a small dragon, pick it up and it will help you later
in the game! 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Lara's Trainer


This hint is in Bartoli's hideout.Go to the part after you've climbed up
the bookcases in the library and slide down the red stuff and
 hang on. Drop. Then jump onto the wall to you're right. 
Once on the wall go right as far as you can. Don't fall off.
Run and jump over to the house and hold on then climb up. Go across 
the house to the top lefthand corner and jump into the gap. drop down the
hole and there you have it. A brand spanking new set of uzis. Now you can
run around and have some FUN.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: tommy +major sam


                                     Infinite Auto Pistol Ammo

                                     Infinite Grenades

                                     Infinite Harpoons

                                     Infinite M16 Ammo

                                     Infinite Shotgun Shells

                                     Infinite Uzi Ammo

                                     All Items












  Joe Hopp

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