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Playstation cheat codes

TOMBA cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Tomba cheats and tips. This is a Platform PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Tomba cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Tomba right now. We have more information about "Tomba" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

When you start a game wait for the dancing pigs to
appear. Then hold R1 and press Select, Right, Left,
Down, X, Circle, Start. When the loading sequence
has completed press Start.


At the options screen, hold R1 + L1 + Select +
Square and press Left, Down, Right, Up twice,
Right, Down, Left.


Since the game does not save your health status,
simply save, quit, then restart from the saved game
file to restore health.
You can also refill your health by talking to 
the 100 year old man.

Submitted By: Josh 


When you are only down to one energy bar left go to a sighn post to save
the game save it and then reload it this will put your life bar up so you
start with a full life  

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Lee Longstaff


to get the flower tower you need too kill the bonsegue when their
yellow by throwing them into each other 3 times to get the bottle then
wake up the yellow plant located below the leaf slide with th rise and
shine powder then equip the bottle to catch a tear and use it infront
of the broken statues in the square climb the tower to get the special

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Steven Robertson

Game Shark Codes 

Infinite Health 	D00A5430 0003
                        800A5430 0004 
Infinite Lives 	D009BCE8 0102
                8009BCE8 0103 
Moon Jump 	D009C9D8 4000
                800A54B0 0005 
Item Codes [Note] 	
Item Enable (Must Use)	8009C60C 00FF 
Tornado	                3009C410 0001 
100 Year Old Bell	3009C411 0001 
Infinite Charity Wings	        8009C412 0F01 
Infinite Leaf Butterflies	3009C41C 00FF 
Bucket	        3009C416 0001 
Telescope	3009C417 0001 
Tear Jar	3009C418 0001 
Baked Yam	3009C41B 0001 
Baron	        3009C41A 0001 
Torch	        3009C41D 0001 
Dirty Mirror	3009C41F 0001 
Bucket Of Water	3009C41E 0001 
Wood Boomerang	3009C421 0001 
Funky Parasol	3009C420 0001 
Stone Boomerang	3009C423 0001 
Iron Boomerang	3009C422 0001 
Dashing Pants	3009C424 0001 
Map	        3009C425 0001 
Broken Vase	3009C426 0001 
Flash Pants	3009C428 0001 
Jumping Pants	3009C429 0001 
Lunch Box	3009C42A 0001 
Large Lunch Box	3009C42B 0001 
100 Year Old Key	3009C42C 0001 
Grapple	                3009C42D 0001 
GrappleJack	        3009C42E 0001 
Baby Pig	        3009C42F 0001 
1000 Year Old Key	3009C430 0001 
Red Pig Bag	3009C431 0001 
Orange Pig Bag	3009C432 0001 
Yellow Pig Bag	3009C433 0001 
Green Pig Bag	3009C434 0001 
Blue Pig Bag	3009C435 0001 
Navy Pig Bag	3009C436 0001 
Pink Pig Bag	3009C437 0001 
10,000 Year Old Key	3009C438 0001 
Million Year Old Key	3009C439 0001 
Molasses	        3009C43A 0001 
Large Key Panel 2	3009C43B 0001 
Large Key Panel 3	3009C43C 0001 
Large Key Panel 4	3009C43D 0001 
Large Key Panel 5	3009C43E 0001 
Fuel Bar	3009C43F 0001 
Rain Essence	3009C440 0001 
Big Key	        3009C441 0001 
Small Key	3009C442 0001 
Cheese 1	3009C443 0001
Submitted By:: Daniel Steen-Jensen


8014563D           7952
80156302           9680
80125642           5945

Submitted and FULLY tested By: MIST
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