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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Total Drivin cheats and tips. This is a Car Racing PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Total Drivin cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Total Drivin right now. We have more information about "Total Drivin" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.

 The following three cheat codes are all to be entered using the R1
button on the joypad on the Main Menu when the word "Course" is
flashing.  If you have entered any of the codes properly, you will 
hear the rev of a Grand Tour racecar engine.  It may take a couple of 
tries, but it will be worth it.  Following this sound, all you have to do 
is go to the particular course which you have unlocked using the "Course"
selection icon on the Main Menu and choose from any of the six 
available course variations!  They only get more difficult as you progress, so
keep your roll bar up! 

1.  To unlock all of the six course variations for the Switzerland
level, use the R1 button on the joypad and tap out the rhythmn 
similar to that found in the song "Doh, a deer, a female deer".  If for some
strange reason, you do not know this world-famous ditty, just call 
your kindergarten teacher, 'cause that's where you learned it...  

2.  To unlock all of the six course variations of the Easter Island
level, use the R1 button on the joypad and tap out the rhythmn 
similar to that found in the song "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to
you."  If you don't know the rhythmn to this timeless classic, you 
have to be nicer to your friends, so that they will sing it to you next 

3. To unlock all of the six course variations for the Egypt level, 
use the R1 button on the joypad and tap out the rhythmn similar to that
found in the song "Always look on the bright side of life."  If 
you're not familiar with this English chart-topper, you need to start 
living your life in a more tongue-in-cheek manner.

New Multi-Player Mode and Additional Tracks
Set the game mode to split-screen, then repeat the above procedure, 
but replace "doe an deer.." with:

Zip-e-dee-doo-da, Zip-e-dee-ay

and wait.  Again, the engine will roar and the "Track Complete" 
message will appear.  You may now race the 4 Player Tracks in 2 
Player Mode, and the 2 Player Tracks in 4-Player Mode.

This cheat also accesses the Head-to-Head mode.  Here, 2 players 
drive in opposite directions around the track.  Note, however, that 
this mode only works on "A" Tracks.

There are more cheats, and I'll release them over the next month or 

Codes submitted by: KEV SHAW

These EXTRA LEVELS were accessed in the single race mode.

Easter Island 2:
Start the race with any team.  After you go through the lava tunnels you will
come to a "S" curve in a jungle area.  At the end of the "S" curve go to the
right, off the track and on to the grass just before the red and white road
block.  Follow the grass to a small beach.  At the end of the beach you will
find a gold object.  Run over it and it will take you to an EXTRA LEVEL where
you will race Easter Island in a Rally Car.

Hong Kong 5:
Start the race with any team.  When you get to the dirt road, go to the
second bridge.  Go under the bridge and you will find a gold object.  Run
over the gold object and it will take you to an EXTRA LEVEL where you will
race Hong Kong in a Dakar Car.

Scotland 3:
Start the race with any team.  As you head tword the dark, forested part of
the track, climb the slanted rocks on the right side just before the forest
starts.  Climb above the road into the woods.  Drive in the woods until you
get to the turn with the black and white backstop.  Go behind the backstop
and you will find a gold object.  Run over the gold object and it will take
you to an EXTRA LEVEL where you will race Scotland in a Dune Buggy.


Extra Tracks

These were all carried out on single player race mode.

Moscow 2 ,
When you get onto the straight with the ramp on it you will see a 
barrier directly next to it.
Approach the ramp from the left hand side and drive across it aimming 
to jump over the
barrier. Once you have jumped the barrier follow the road around and 
you will see a small turn
off to the right. Drive over the gold object which is at the end of 
the road. This will take
you to a very frozen Moscow in a rally car.

Egypt 1,
At the end of the long left hand bend around the pool head for the 
wall that joins some sand
at a sort of ramp going left. Head up the ramp and onto the sand. 
Carefully follow the road
around the large building and you will find another one of those gold 
objects to drive over.
This time it will take you to Egypt in an indy car with large buggy 

I found these cheats by just messing about and trying to get off the 
track and onto other
roads. So if you just play about and explore all of the tracks you 
will soon stumble upon more
gold objects and extra tracks.

Submitted By: ZuluBoy
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