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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Twisted Metal 2 - World Tour cheats and tips. This is a Racing Shooter PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Twisted Metal 2 - World Tour cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Twisted Metal 2 - World Tour right now. We have more information about "Twisted Metal 2 - World Tour" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


We have recently heard from the games producers that there has not been any code put into the game to allow
you to becom Darktooth - Sorry Guys!


the code below is for the gameshark, we have not tested it and the reader who submitted it advised us that his machine
crashes quite often when using it - you have been warned.... 
The Gameshark code for allowing play as Dark Tooth is 8003434A 0E0E... (there is no letter O... those are zeros... its
Real touchy... you have to have it on the helicopter view to control it... and it will crash from time to time... The game just
wasnt meant to allow play as Dark Tooth. 
Submitted By: todvango

Twisted Metal 2 Tips by Joshua B. Holdaway 

The Following are Advanced Attack moves that can be performed by any Vehicle
Freeze ----------------------------------------------- L,R,U
Napalm ----------------------------------------------- R,L,U
Shield ----------------------------------------------- U,U,R
Jump   ----------------------------------------------- U,U,L
Cloak  ----------------------------------------------- R,D,L,U
Mine   ----------------------------------------------- R,L,D
Fire Weapon Backward --------------------------------- L,R,D
Minion's Special Weapon ------------------------------ U,D,U,U, (MGun Button)
Eternal Life ----------------------------------------- While holding down the
**Note:Makes you Invincible                            select weapon button,
                                                       push U,D,L,R,R,L,D,U
2x more powerful Machine Guns ------------------------ While holding down the
**Note:Make Machine Guns more powerful                 machine gun button,
                                                       push U,D,L,R,R,L,D,U
Free Weapons & Unlimited Weapons --------------------- While holding down
**Note:Doing the code once give all the weapons, and   both the Machine Guns
       makes you have unlimited weapons. Doing the     button, and the fire
       code a second time, will disable the            button, press
       unlimited weapons, but giving you 1 of each     U,D,L,R,R,L,D,U.
Homing Napalm ---------------------------------------- Fire 1 napalm, and 
**Note:You must have at least 2 Napalms                While holding down the
                                                       fire button, push
Extra Life ------------------------------------------- D,U,R,L,U,U,D,D
**Note:You must have enough power to perform these.**
       {It Clears ALL Wepons}[More Weapons, More Life] 

Hidden Boards
Twisted Metal 1 Rooftops ----------------------------- D,L,R1,D
Jet Moto Level --------------------------------------- U,D,R,R1
Cyburbia Level --------------------------------------- D,U,L1,R1 <=========
**Note:Do these codes at level selection.**                               =
Hidden Characters                                                         =
Sweet Tooth ------------------------------------------ U,L1,Triangle,R    =
Minion ----------------------------------------------- L1,U,D,L           =
**Note:Do these codes at vehicle selection.**                             =
Miscellanous                                                              =
Mona Lisa Code{At SingleTrac Logo Screen}------------- U,L1,T,R (or) ======
**Note:Haven't goten to work yet.** -Rumor

Random Car ------------------------------------------- Push R1 on car select
                                                       screen for a random

Utility Commands -------------------------------------
View Toggle - UP+Select
Map Toggle - Left+Select
Weapon Toggle - Down+Select
Rear View Toggle - Right+Select

Train Ride Bonus ------------------------------------- Jump onto one of the
**Note:Only can do once in each subway, until          trains in Hong Kong
       2 minutes has gone passed by, then you          and earn extra
       can do it again.                                weapons.

Thing you can destroy in Twisted Metal 2 -------------
Los Angeles ------------------------------------------
        1. The bridge where it connects you to get life, and where it
           you go from the transport.
        2. Shoot at the Hollywood sign, and watch it destroy.
        3. 2 fruity stand buildings in front of transport.
Moscow -----------------------------------------------
        1. Put a remote bomb in the center of the board on the blue
           target, and watch the pillars go bye, bye.
        2. Fire a napalm on the 2 billboards to watch them go to hell.
Paris ------------------------------------------------
        1. Place a remote bomb in the Eiffel Tower, and watch it blow up
           and place walkways to go onto the rooftops.
        2. Shoot the door to the Lourve.
        3. Fire a napalm on the 3 paintings in there, and watch them burn.
        4. 2 buses by the Eiffel Tower.
        5. Cars through out the board can be destroyed.
Amazonia ---------------------------------------------
        1. You can destroy 2 towers that lead you underground.
        2. 1 door you can destroy from jumping over the broken up walkway.
        3. 2 doors you can destroy from the building leading to the bridge.
New York ---------------------------------------------
        1. Statue of Liberty, you can stip, shrink, and destroy her.
        2. 1 Giant billboard with an odd picture on it.
        3. 1 box on a building that stands out.  After destroying, you can
           go down and into a pool room.
        4. A window from the pool room.
        5. Glass from the building. 1 Player only.
Antartica --------------------------------------------
        1. Little oil drillers.
        2. The whole board goes down except for the main part.
Holland ----------------------------------------------
        1. 2 Windmills.
Hong Kong --------------------------------------------
        1. You can destroy the Subway trains.
        2. A couple Taxi Cab cars.

Level Passwords --------------------------------------
**Note: X=X,O=Circle,/\=Triangle,[]=Square
Moscow - Axel - X,/\,X,X,_,_
         GrassHoper - /\,X,O,_,_,_
         HammerHead - _,/\,X,X,X,_
         Mr.Grimm - /\,/\,X,X,O,_
         Mr.Slam - X,X,/\,[],X,_
         Outlaw 2 - _,X,O,_,/\,_
         Road Kill - O,X,/\,[],[],_
         Shadow - [],_,_,/\,/\,_
         Spectre - O,/\,X,X,/\,_
         Thumper - O,_,_,/\,X,_
         Twister - X,_,_,/\,O,_
         WartHog - /\,_,_,/\,[],_

Paris -- Axel - O,/\,[],_,/\,_
         GrassHoper - X,/\,O,[],[],O
         HammerHead - _,X,/\,[],X,/\
         Mr.Grimm - O,X,/\,O,/\,X
         Mr.Slam - X,_,_,O,X,[]
         Outlaw 2 - /\,/\,X,O,/\,_
         Road Kill - /\,_,/\,_,_,O
         Shadow - X,/\,X,[],O,/\
         Spectre - _,/\,[],O,O,X
         Thumper - X,[],[],O,O,/\
         Twister - /\,X,O,O,X,/\
         WartHog - /\,[],[],[],X,[]

Amazonia Axel - /\,/\,[],O,O,_
         GrassHoper - _,X,O,O,/\,O
         HammerHead - /\,_,_,_,X,O
         Mr.Grimm - X,O,O,/\,/\,/\
         Mr.Slam - O,/\,[],_,[],X
         Outlaw 2 - /\,[],[],[],/\,_
         Road Kill - X,X,/\,O,[],/\
         Shadow - X,X,O,_,/\,X
         Spectre - O,X,/\,[],/\,X
         Thumper - /\,X,O,_,[],_
         Twister - _,/\,[],X,[],O
         WartHog - O,[],[],O,X,X

New York Axel - _,/\,[],[],X,_
         GrassHoper - O,/\,X,O,_,[]
         HammerHead - /\,/\,X,/\,X,X
         Mr.Grimm - /\,_,_,O,X,O
         Mr.Slam - /\,X,O,[],_,O
         Outlaw 2 - O,X,/\,/\,/\,_
         Road Kill - O,_,_,X,_,X
         Shadow - X,_,_,X,O,[]
         Spectre - _,X,O,,X,X,/\
         Thumper - X,X,/\,/\,X,/\
         Twister - X,/\,X,O,X,_
         WartHog - X,[],[],_,X,O

Antartica Axel - X,X,/\,[],/\,O
         GrassHoper - X,[],[],O,_,/\
         HammerHead - /\,X,/\,O,X,[]
         Mr.Grimm - O,/\,X,/\,X,_
         Mr.Slam - /\,_,/\,O,/\,/\
         Outlaw 2 - X,/\,O,X,/\,_
         Road Kill - _,/\,[],X,O,_
         Shadow - O,X,O,O,X,O
         Spectre - X,_,_,_,O,/\
         Thumper - /\,/\,[],_,_,_
         Twister - O,_,_,X,[],/\
         WartHog - _,X,O,/\,_,[]

Holland  Axel - O,X,O,/\,O,O
         GrassHoper - /\,/\,X,[],O,/\
         HammerHead - /\,[],[],X,[],_
         Mr.Grimm - X,X,/\,_,O,X
         Mr.Slam - _,O,_,_,O,_
         Outlaw 2 - X,[],[],_,/\  ** One thing missing **
         Road Kill - X,_,_,/\,_,[]
         Shadow - O,/\,[],/\,[],_
         Spectre - /\,_,_,[],X,[]
         Thumper - X,/\,X,_,[],/\
         Twister - _,X,X,_,_,O
         WartHog - /\,X,/\,[],_,X

Hong Kong Axel - /\,X,O,X,X,O
         GrassHoper - O,[],[],O,X,/\
         HammerHead - O,/\,O,[],[],/\
         Mr.Grimm - _,X,O,/\,[],[]
         Mr.Slam - [],_,_,/\,_,/\
         Outlaw 2 - _,/\,X,[],X,X
         Road Kill - /\,/\,[],/\,O,/\
         Shadow - O,_,/\,_,[],X
         Spectre - X,/\,X,/\,O,[]
         Thumper - /\,_,_,[],/\,_
         Twister - X,X,/\,X,[],_
         WartHog - O,X,/\,O,_,O

Dark Tooth Axel - /\,[],/\,[],_,[]
         GrassHoper - X,_,X,[],[],_
         HammerHead - O,O,O,_,/\,X
         Mr.Grimm - _,[],/\,O,O,/\
         Mr.Slam - [],_,[],/\,O,X
         Outlaw 2 - _,O,X,_,/\,_
         Road Kill - /\,O,X,/\,[],X
         Shadow - O,/\,_,/\,O,_
         Spectre - X,O,O,O,_,/\
         Thumper - /\,_,[],[],X,O
         Twister - X,[],_,[],/\,O
         WartHog - O,[],_,O,O,[]

Game Shark Codes -------------------------------------
**Note: A ** by the code means thats the way I found
        the Codes.
Infinite Fire Missiles P1 ---------------------------- 801882E8 0063
Infinite Homing Missiles P1 -------------------------- 80188EEA 0063
Infinite Remote Bombs P1 ----------------------------- 801882EC 0063
Infinite Power Missiles P1 --------------------------- 801882EE 0063
Infinite Napalms P1 ---------------------------------- 801882F0 0063
Infinite Richochet Bombs P1 -------------------------- 801882F2 0063
Infinite Lighting P1 --------------------------------- 801882F4 0063
No Energy P1 ----------------------------------------- 80187D00 0078
1-Hit Death P1 --------------------------------------- D0187D00 0078
                                                       80187D00 0001
25% Energy P1 ---------------------------------------- D0187D00 0078
                                                       80187D00 001E
50% Energy P1 -------------------------------------
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