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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Vagrant Story cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Action RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the Vagrant Story cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Vagrant Story right now. We have more information about "Vagrant Story" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.




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Training Dummy:
In the beginning of the game, after the Minitoar fight there should be an
armor suit. This gives you infinite human experience for your equipped

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Justin Lowery

What every worrior should know before wandering into the darkness:

Here are some of the basic stuff you should now and some hints that 
are very usefull.

1:Know your enemy, When you go to attack check his Class, Type, and
  Affinity. You should keep different weopens for different classes.
  Hers a list of what to do when you encounter a...
              Human- use human base weapon     *based meaning high in
              Beast- use beast base weapon      it. Undead- use undead
              base weapon Phantom- use phantom base weapon Dragon- use
              dragon base weapon Evil- use evil base weapon Affinity
              Physical- use physical base weapon Air- use earth base
              weapon Fire- use water base weapon Earth- use air base
              weapon Water- use fire base weapon Light- use dark base
              weapon Dark- use light base weapon Type Blunt- use Blunt
              base armor Edged- use Edged base armor Piercing- use
              piercing base armor

2:Grimior,s are magic infused in a item use them acuire that certain
  magic. When you find a second Warlock(which is attack magic)do not throw
  it away you can get a level two warlock magic attack. You can go up to
  level 4 beyond that I dont know what happenes.

3:When you beat the game for the first time dont worry you will not 
  fully gone through the hole game, but you can save your game once
  beat it and load it up and start all over with all your HP, Mp and

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Etienne Bourbonnais

You can kill the training dummys!!!!!!:

Keep attacking them and theyll die! It takes a while
but they give you mana potion and cure potion!

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Josh

Vagrant Story
Hint: Unlimited human class experience for your weapons:
Early in the game, immediately after defeating the Minotaur Boss and
receive the Chain ability, an attack dummy will appear in the save room
outside the Minotaur's lair. The dummy not only gives you points toward
learning new battle abilities, gained by chaining your attacks. It also
gives human class experience to the weapon you are using as you attack the
dummy. It gives the human class experience at the same rate you would get
if you were attacking a real human class enemy. Information in this
section was contributed by Narcissus Dandy. 

Hint: Rare Grimoires for five different spells in one location:
At the Sinner's Corner save point/teleport/room and the four rooms
immediately surrounding it is a phantom class enemy called the Dark Eye.
After a Dark Eye is defeated it may drop a Grimoire for one of five
different, rare, warlock class spells. Those spells are Solid Shock,
Lightning Bolt, Fireball, Vulcan Lance, and Dark Chant. Note: that these
Rare Grimoires are dropped very infrequently, and some time is needed to
get them. Information in this section was contributed by Narcissus Dandy. 

Hint: Combining:
When two items that are exactly the same are combined, the resulting item
will be the same type of item, but will have higher stats. For example, if
you have two identical short swords and combine them, you will lose those
two short swords and get a new third short sword, with slightly higher
stats. Information in this section was contributed by Narcissus Dandy. 

Hint: Save MP when healing:
Cast the healing spell when you are in battle mode. This will give you
more HP than just healing when in normal/relaxed mode. Information in this
section was contributed by ian - gelai. 

Hint: Easy training dummies:
Note: This feature works best with a controller with an auto-fire feature.
When hitting a dummy just keep pressing Circle. Only do this for about ten
minutes or else he will die and you will just open and close your battle
sphere. Then, exit two or more doors to replenish the dummy's health after
you kill him and do it again. Note: Kill all enemies in the room first.
Information in this section was contributed by Mike Richards. 

Hint: Training dummies:
Throughout the game you will find training dummies near save points. These
training dummies allow you to practice combos and power-up your weaponry.
The locations of the training dummies are as follows. Information in this
section was contributed by Curt Jaimungal. 

Wine Cellar, "Blackmarket": Human dummy 
Wine Cellar, "Worker's Restroom": Human dummy 
Abandoned Mines B1, "The Dark Tunnel": Beast dummy 
Catacombs, "Hall of Sworn Revenge": Undead dummy 
City Walls North, "From Boy to Hero": Phantom dummy 
City Walls South, "The Boy's Training Room": Dragon dummy 
Town Center East, "Gharmes Walk": Evil dummy 
Hint: Weapon and shield combinations:
Information in this section was contributed by RedDawg621. 

Combine two Hangane Dubble-Blades to get a Hangane Halberd (Weapon) 
Combine two Nodachis to get a Rune Blade (Weapon)
Combine two Khopeshes to get a Wakizashi (Weapon)
Combine an Oval and a Heater to get a Knight (Shield) 
Hint: Defeating the rock opponent:
Before fighting the rock opponent, take out the club and shield and enter
the room. Do not go down the stairs. Instead, go all the way to the right,
next to the pillars, and jump off. This will allow you to kill him easier.
Information in this section was contributed by Chuck Williams. 

Hint: Easy Boss battles:
Have Instill in your chain abilities. Attack normal enemies chaining
Instill and another ability. Do this until your weapon's Phantom Points
are full. Switch your weapon and repeat this process. When all of your
weapons are full, fight the Boss. At this point, switch your chain
abilities so that you have Phantom Pain in your arsenal. Attack the Boss
with your first weapon, using the Phantom Pain chain ability. Switch your
weapon. Repeat the process. Since most weapons have around 100 PP, this
makes quick work of almost any Boss. Information in this section was
contributed by shagnito1. 

Hint: Easy Dragon battles:
In order to defeat any Dragon Boss (Wyverns, Dragon, Earth Dragon, etc.)
easily, it is important to run up as close as possible (in the case of
Dragons, you can get under their heads) and stay there. The Dragons' only
powerful moves are long range (fire, acid breath) and they cannot hit a
close target. Be wary about casting Degenerate, because they are smart
enough to know that they have lowered powers and will evade attacks
better. Also, make sure you use proper affinity defense commands and chain
attacks. Information in this section was contributed by FumnchuMan. 

Hint: The Holy Win:
The last Boss has a weapon called the Holy Win, that is in the shape of
the "Rood". You also can get this weapon. During a reply game, enter the
Iron Maiden and defeat Asura on the third floor. Next, go back down the
Iron Maiden until you get to the door to the second floor. Now, use magic
or Break Arts to lower your HP to below 150. Then, enter the second floor.
You have new enemies to face, so be ready. When you get to the room that
takes you to the third floor, you will see an enemy holding the weapon.
Kill him and you may get it. If not, go to the third floor and back to try
again. Remember to keep your HP under 150 and use Break Arts as needed.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Darren


First, you will need a recovery Magic .You will get this when you defeatet
the minator. Then use the magic tokill mummies easilly.When you cure the
mummy you actually lower it's HP. Try this and you will love it

Submitted and FULLY tested By: yyy


looking to build up your HP quicker??  when you defeat a titan and the
expierience wheel comes up try pressing the 0 button as soon as it becomes
available  it will give you a hit point bonus about 2 out every 3 times i
did this all through my first game and ended up with about 364 hit
points!! remember to hit it at the exact second 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Ryan De Amaral


Before you go into the room with the stone golem equip a hammer if you got
one then when you get in there run up to him right when the sqenuce is
over stay close and keep hiting him    

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Big pim


when you get choose a defence ability choose reflect damage then
reflect magic then if a boss uses a spell on you do the defence
ability reflect magic and it takes about half of what the spell took
of if it normal attacks you do reflect damage

Submitted and FULLY tested By: shaun healey

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Battle abilities

Heavy Shot 8004BE60 9000 
 Gain Life 8004BE94 9000 
 Mind Assault 8004BEC8 9000 
 Gain Magic 8004BEFC 9000 
 Raging Ache 8004BF30 9000 
 Mind Ache 8004BF64 9000 
 Temper 8004BF98 9000 
Crimson Pain 8004BFCC 9000 
 Instill 8004C000 9000 
Phantom Pain 8004C034 9000 
Paralysis Pulse 8004C068 9000 
 Numbing Claw 8004C0D0 9000 
 Dulling Impact 8004C104 9000 
 Snake Venom 8004C16C 9000 

Defense Abilities 

 Ward 8004C208 9000 
 Siphon Soul 8004C23C 9000
 Reflect Magic 8004C270 9000 
 Reflect Damage 8004C2A4 9000 
 Absorb Magic 8004C2D8 9000 
 Absorb Damage 8004C30C 9000 
 Impact Guard 8004C340 9000 
 Wind Break 8004C374 9000 
 Fire Proof 8004C3A8 9000 
 Terra Ward 8004C3DC 9000 
 Aqua Ward 8004C410 9000 
 Shadow Guard 8004C444 9000 
 Demonscale 8004C478 9000 
 Phantom Shield 8004C4AC 9000 
 Have All Battle Abilities
(GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!) 

Break Art Codes

Dagger Codes

 Whistle Sting 8004DF48 C000 
 Shadoweave 8004DF7C C000 
 Double Fang 8004DFB0 C000 
 Wyrm Scorn 8004DFE4 C000 

Sword Codes

 Rending Gale 8004E018 C000 
 Vile Scar 8004E04C C000 
 Cherry Ronde 8004E080 C000 
 Papillon Reel 8004E0B4 C000 
 Great Sword Codes 
 Sunder 8004E0E8 C000 
 Thunderwave 8004E11C C000 
 Swallow Slash 8004E150 C000 
 Advent Sign 8004E184 C000 

Axe & Mace Codes 

 Mistral Edge 8004E1B8 C000 
 Glacial Gale 8004E1EC C000 
 Killer Mantis 8004E220 C000 
 Black Nebula 8004E254 C000 

Great Axe Codes 

 Bear Claw 8004E288 C000 
 Accursed Umbra 8004E2BC C000 
 Iron Ripper 8004E2F0 C000 
 Emetic Bomb 8004E324 C000 

Staff Codes 

 Sirocco 8004E358 C000 
 Riskbreak 8004E38C C000 
 Gravis Aether 8004E3C0 C000 
 Trinity Pulse 8004E3F4 C000 

Heavy Mace Codes 

 Bonecrusher 8004E428 C000 
 Quickshock 8004E45C C000 
 Ignis Wheel 8004E490 C000 
 Hex Flux 8004E4C4 C000 
 Polearm Codes 
 Ruination 8004E4F8 C000 
 Scythe Wind 8004E52C C000 
 Giga Tempest 8004E560 C000 
 Spiral Scourge 8004E594 C000 

Crossbow Codes 

 Brimstone Hail 8004E5C8 C000 
 Heaven's Scorn 8004E5FC C000 
 Death Wail 8004E630 C000 
 Sanctus Flare 8004E664 C000 

Bare Hands Codes 

 Lotus Palm 8004E698 C000 
 Vertigo 8004E6CC C000 
 Vermillion Aura 8004E700 C000 
 Retribution 8004E734 C000 
 Have All Break Arts
(GS 3.0 Or Higher Needed!) 50002834 0000
8004DF48 C000 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: juan Ignacio


Do11FA2E 8011
8011FA58 03E7
8006006C 03E7

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Jamie Purdy

Risk Always 0:
                 3011FA60 0000

Submitted and FULLY tested By: William Groom

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