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Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation WCW Vs the World cheats and tips. This is a Fighting PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

If you can't find the WCW Vs the World cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with WCW Vs the World right now. We have more information about "WCW Vs the World" for anyone who is thinking of owning this Playstation1 game.


Enter "League Challenge" and defeat each league. At the end of each 

league there's a boss, defeat him and you'll be able to play as him in 

most modes. Defeat all the leagues and you'll see a new league appear. 

Then defeat these new leagues and get two more hidden wrestlers. 

Start a league challenge and fight with a JR class fighter. After winning all 6 
divisions with the same fighter you will fight
your first hidden fighter. If you beat him you will enter the Super JR and you get to 
fight another hidden fighter. 


To fight as the giant (andre) do a league challenge with a heavyweight and beat 
all the leagues. once you have done so a
special heavyweight division will appear beat that and save and you can wrestle
 with the GIANT. 
Submitted By: (Wic) 


Sting- to do the scorpion-death-lock ( when openent is on the ground ) go by his
 legs and press O. 
Submitted By: Nick Shaw

to do Lex Luger's Torture Rack: after fighting for a while knock your oppenant 
do press square to pick the guy up, go behind
the person (a quick way to go behind the person is press square twice) hold 
circle for a couple of seconds and if you did this
good you should make the other guy quit. 
Submitted By: Lynne Buckel

NEW codes: 

: To get original wrestlers(ex. Hulk Hogan,Sting,Rick Flair,Ultimo Dragon ETC.):
press start at character select instead of X. 

To anyone who wants to read this, 
There are things in the WCW game that are misleading. For one, the Giant is 
not playable because of the fact that the game
will continuosly load, so you won't be saving the game to play as the Giant. 
You can, however, play as Jeff Jarrett in the
game simply by going through WCW in the League Challenge. 
EXTRA MOVES: Sting-Scorpion Death Drop- Rear Attack Strong +Hold Right -
Jumping DDT- Attack Strong+Hold Right 

Submitted By: Iceman


To do Hulk Hogan's Top rope Stinky Leg drop, when your opponent is on the ground, 
go to the nearest turnbuckle and press

To do Eddie Guerrero's Frog Splash, when your opponent on the mat, go to the
 neares turnbuckle and press X. 

To do Sting's Scorpion Death Drop go behind your groggy opponent and press O. 

To do Rick Steiner's Steiner Line, Charge at your opponent and press X. 

To do Scott Steiners FrakenSteiner, Throw your openent into the rope and hold O. 
When your opponent is right in front of
you, let go of O. 

To do Ric Flair's Figure Four Leg-Lock, when opponent is on ground, go near legs and press O. 

To do Lord Steven Regals Diving Cross arm bar, press R1 and then press O and Up. 

To do Dean Malenko's Neck Jeark, press R1 and then press O and Up.

To do Chono's STF, when opponent is on the ground, press O. 

From one of your newest members, Noah Lee

To use this cheat you must use a Jr.Heavyweight,Sting or Bad Blood.First you
need to get your opponent outside of the ring.Then move your wrestler to the
middle of the ring and use the Triagle button to run towards the ropes.While
you are running hold the Circle button and your wrestler will do an amazing
dive.I suggest that you use Black Ninja first.He does one heck of a
dive....This trick is definately HARDCORE!!!

Codes submitted by:The Doggy


To do Random Selection:
to choose a character at random, 
press CIRCLE at the charcter selection screen
Submitted By: Apollo326

Signature Moves:
Charge your spirit meter up. While it's blinking, hold circle to grab your
opponent.  keep holding it down until your character raises his arms into the
air, then release to perform a signature moves.
Submitted By: Apollo326

Tip: It is better to do this when you beat up 
your opponent to make him get stunned.
Submitted By: Apollo326


How to do Black Ninja's Hurricanranna.
Wear your opponent out,throw them into the corner,
and hold circle for a long time. This trick is tight!

Submitted By: Derek Robinson


As Soon As The Match Go Up To Your Opponent And Irish Whip Him Into The
Ropes, Run After Him To Trap Him Against The Ropes Then Dropkick Him, Thus
Knocking Him Out Of The Ring. or any other move u can think of.once your
both out of the ring continuosly beat him up untile theres about 4 secs
left of the ring out time, then irish whip him into the farest guardrail
then hurry and get back in the ring

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Brandon
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