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WILD ARMS cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to Playstation Wild Arms cheats and tips. This is a Strategy RPG PSone game and was made by NULL for the Sony PS1 videogame console.

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 The trick below will give you 255 pieces each items.
First go to the item menu, then choose arrange to 
make the trick easier then go find some enemies.
When you're in fighting mode, the 1st character 
must use heal berry,
then choose defend for the second character. 
After that, for the third
character, move the heal berry to the item you 
want to increase, then
press the cancel button and choose defend.
When it's your second turn, again, the first 
character must use the heal
berry again. Find it. You'll notice that there's 
an empty place at the
top-left of the items screen . The second 
character must choose defend
again. And the third character must return the 
heal berry to the
top-left place, again hit the cancel button and 
choose defend.
After the battle, check your item screen.

this is the other 255 code:

1.have the first person to attack use a heal berry.
2.have the second person to attack use a heal berry also.
3.have the third person switch a heal berry with any item 
you have one of, then go back and have the third person attack as normal!
ka-boom... 255!

Submitted By:: Brandon Kilpela

When in battle, you need to go into your items menu with the first
character, use something you have a lot of (Like Heal Berries).  Then on
the second character, you SWITCH that item with something you have only
one of... switch it only, and DONT use it.  Then hit cancel, defend.  And
on the third party defend. When the second round goes, you use for first
character to use the item you have lots of, second character puts it BACK
where it was by switching it back into the empty spot, cancel when you've
switched, and defend defend.

When you go into your items menu again, you will notice that you have not
actually used any of the item you have lots of, but the item you had only
one of, you now have 255 of!! This code is great for the status apples,
and ambrosia, and the rarer items, like duplicator keys, and Lucky cards,
and secret signs (my personal favorite). If you run low on cash, this code
will do wonders by selling off your old armor and weapons by the hundreds!

**NOTE** If your battle ends before you complete both turns of the use and
switch thing, go BACK into battle asap to just do the second half of the
switch.  If you get an item from the battle you tried it on originally,
you will most like LOOSE the thing you were trying to get more of.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Drea Penndragon


(If you already know how to do the "255" items code, this should be a
breeze). What you do is you do that items code on an empty space on the
item list, use heal berries. After that you should have 255 heal berries.
To get money, sell 254 of those and then exit the menu to where it says
buy or sell. Click sell again and you should have all 255 back again! This
is really cool and it helps out alot.

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Tim (taz) C.


After you get the Holy Parosel from the Memory Temple at the beginning
of the game, use the 255 items cheat and go to sell the Holy Parosel. 
Each one sells for $7500 and after you sell 254 of them you will have
about $1,900,000.  

Submitted and FULLY tested By: Josh
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