Title: Worlds Scariest Police Chases   Developer: Fox UDS   Type: Racing Action
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Worlds Scariest Police Chases
"What do you get when you cross Destruction Derby with a cop show? …World's Scariest Police Chases of course! Get ready to apprehend all types of law offenders in this all out police round-up."
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World\\'s Scariest Police Chases (lets just call it WSPC for short) places gamers into the role of a police officer that is given assignments to apprehend all sorts of traffic offenders. Players will be tasked with driving a variety of police vehicles and tracking down drunk drivers, car thieves… you name it, if it is a law broken it is probably in the game.

Before getting started though, you will be expected to pass a series of tests to prove that you are worthy and fit to serve on the force…and are also ready to be let lose on the public roads. The tests consist basically of learning to drive and maneuver your vehicle around some cones, making a few sharp turns, pulling off a 180 and then shooting at some targets. Yep, that\\'s right you actually get to shoot from the car in this game.

Each of the 20 or so missions is explained fully by retired Sheriff Jon Brunnell. The opening commentaries set up each plotline nicely and then the game dumps you into the action. Missions are all over the place with players stopping drunk drivers, pulling over car thieves or retrieving stolen goods that may have been dropped from a moving vehicle. Heck, there is even an errant tank mission tucked away in here and to add more diversity there are rescue/back-up scenarios involved as well.

Unfortunately things take a small turn for the worse due to a few little nagging omissions and oversights. I thought it was a cool idea to include the ability to fire weapons… and it is depicted nicely with your partner hanging out the window popping off rounds. Unfortunately, you can only shoot at the vehicle you are chasing and all it does is peg the damage meter to the auto. You can\\'t shoot at the offenders, innocent bystanders (boo! Hiss!), or pop out the tires and sent the vehicles flipping. Great concept… just not fully realized. Also, the game practically deteriorates into a destruction derby style of gameplay that forces armchair smokies to resort to ramming the offender\\'s car or sending it into immobile objects to get their damage meter extinguished. Don\\'t worry though all is not lost, there is always that certain level of enjoyment from trying to capture the perp and some missions are either timed or strategically oriented and the driving \\'engine\\' on WSPC is a pretty darn good one.

The graphics used in the game are, for the most part, very well constructed. Yes, there is pop up, draw-in and the occasion frame stuttering but fortunately, non of this detracted from the overall gameplay elements or got in the way of my missions. The vehicles handle very well and a lot of the environments are destructible. For a PSOne game, the lighting and car/background models are really well done and most importantly are extremely functional.

The sound effects were a real bright spot in the game. Sirens blare, crashes and smashes result in a nice solid metallic sounding crunches. Voiceovers totally compliment the game and failed mission overviews are often quite hilarious…even though I think they tried to be serious. There is a nice pumping soundtrack and overall the music/sound effects of the game hold up its end nicely.

There are also other options available for play in the game. There is a Patrol Mode that enables gamers to cruise the streets and get assignments in real time as they occur. This is pretty cool and takes the load of having to following a strict mission off your chest. There is also a nifty little two-player mode where you can grab a buddy and have them control the weapon while you do all of the driving. Not bad…

· Players engage in 20 breakneck missions that will challenge your newfound law enforcement credentials.

· Direct from Fox\\'s hit TV show comes Sheriff Jon Brunnell providing the voice-overs, commentary and over-the-top hyperbole and puns.

· Players can choose from an extensive list of police-grade armaments.

· Unlock and control 13 different vehicles.

• 1 Disk(s)
• CD Media
• 1 Block required on Memory card per save (min)
• Up to 2 Players (without Multi-tap)
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Buttons
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Analog Sticks
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Vibration facility

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Tom Rooney  "World\\'s Scariest Police Chases certainly had it flaws (as mentioned in the review) but darn, the game is a real blast to play. The missions are quite diverse and the strategy elements that you need to employ in order to arrest the criminals are constantly changing.

The overall concept is a good one and I hope to see this game carried over to the PS2 with all of the gameplay drawbacks addressed. If that happened, this would be a killer title…as it stands now though, it\\'s good solid amusement that should last you long enough to get your money\\'s worth."
Graphics  13/20
Playability  43/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  16/20
This is a fantastic game that we think you will enjoy playing for quite some time.
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70 - 79 This is a good solid title that should still appeal to those who like this type of game.

80 - 89 This is a fantastic game that we think you will enjoy playing for quite some time.

90 - 100 This game either pushes the boundaries of it's genre further than ever before on this system, or creates a completely new gaming experience. Either way, it should not be missed and is an essential purchase in our opinion.


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PSone Review SUMMARY and SCORE
Andrew Scott  "Well, At Last We Have Found A Rival For The Driver And Gta Series. This Game Has Everything You Would Want In A Driving Game, Ability To Shoot, Ram Vehicles, Blow Up Innocent Civiliens With An Apcwithout The Police On Your Back(you Are The Police!) Make No Mistake, There Are Some Glitches, Such As In Mission 9 When You Have To Retrieve The Evidence The Game Plays Really Slow As If In Low Gravity Or Something. Overall The Best Driving Game Made This Year."
Graphics  20/20
Playability  50/50
Sound  10/10
Lastability  20/20

PSone Review SUMMARY and SCORE
Ben Chapman  "I Thought That Wspc Was Great Game Overall, I've Alwas Been A Fan Of The Whole Good Versus Evil Games, Especially Ones Set In Modern Times. Wspc Has A Great Balance Of Action, Drama, And All Out Fun, Yes At Times The Gameplay Can Lag A Bit, With Its Psone Graphics Engine, But It Gets The Job Done. I Found The Missions To Be Very Challenging And One The Verge Or Frustrating. I Think Everyone Can Relate To This, For Instance When Your Chasing Down The Bad Guy, His Meter Is Almost Empty, All You Need Is One Tiny Tap To Finish Him Off, When Suddenly, Out Of Nowhere, Pop Up Occurs And You Carren Into A Light Pole That Seconds Ago Wasnt There, Therefore Losing The Suspect And And Failing The Mission. Nevertheless, Wspc Has Its Good Times, Like The Free Patrol Mode. I Think Alot Of Gamers Crave The Ability To Do Things On Thier Own, And Have A Sense Of Freedom, A La Grand Theft Auto Or Driver. The Sound Is Decent, Nothing Horrid Or Lame, The Damage To The Vehicles Is Nice And Detailed. One Of The Major Elements Of The Game That Make It So Great To Me Is The Sheer Vastness Of The City Of Ashland, Its Huge!! Complete With Curved Roads, Interstates, Downtown Areas, And Even Rural Highways That Stretch Into The Country Side. Some Things However That Would Have Beem Nice To Have Is The Ability To Call In Backup Or Roadblocks To Assist You, Such As In Need For Speed High Stakes, Its Unrealistic To Be The Only Cop In Town And Be Up Against A Tank Or Other Large Vehicle. In The End, With All The Extras And Bonuses Availible To Earn, And The Nice Replays, Wspc Turned Out To Be A Game I Will Be Playing For A Long Time. Granted I Am Also A Playstation 2 Owner, The Game Is Still Alot Of Fun To Play, Even If It Is Older. I Truly Believe It Is One The Last Great Playstation One Games That Everyone Who Is A Fan Of The Genre Should Go Out And Buy, Or At Least Rent."
Graphics  7/20
Playability  33/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  18/20

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