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Ever Grace images
more Ever Grace game images below
more Ever Grace game images below
more Ever Grace game images below
more Ever Grace game images below
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Welcome to our page dedicated to PS2 Ever Grace cheats and tips. This is a Strategy RPG Adventure Playstation 2 game and was made by From Software for the Sony PStwo videogame console.

If you can't find the Ever Grace cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with Ever Grace right now. We also have a special "Ever Grace website" with cheat codes, step-by-step strategy guides, chat forum and more.

Playstation 2 Game Cheats for Ever Grace


Ever Grace FASTER STATS Cheats
Okay At The Beginning Of Darius Game Next To The Gate There's A Save Crystal And Beyond The Gate Theres A Bee That Drops A Blue Fruit. You Can Kill The Bee And Get The Fruit Then Go To The Save Crystal Then Shop And Then Leave And He Will Respawn So You Can Go Kill Him And Get The Blue Fruit Again! This Works As Many Times As You Want And Works Wherever There Is A Red Or Blue Fruit Near A Save Crystal, Unless There In A Treasure Chest.
FULLY TESTED on a NTSC (USA) PS2 console by Dash, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheats Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

Ever Grace MORE ENERGY Cheat Code
If You Slowly Tap The X Button When Moving You'll Not Tire Yourself Out. This Is Useful When Using The Parumila.
TESTED on a PS2 by The Guvna, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Code Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

Ever Grace game image
There are 18 more Ever Grace screenshots here

Game Advice and General Tips


When The Bird Steals The Blue Orb From The Bridge4 Into Riebane Castle Follow In The Direction It Flew . There You Will Find A Dirt Path And A Cuved Stone Path. Go Up The Dirt Path Keepintg An Eye Over The Edge. When You See The Gold Chest Drop Down And Open It 6to Find The Dragolos Boots, Then Walk Very Slowly Up The Grey Stone And Now You Have The Easiest Way To Get Acoss The Poison Floors In The Castle( Palmira Action Float)
TESTED on a PS2 by Chris, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Talented Code-Cop (level 20) on our Cheat-Squad.

Right At The Beggining Of Your Quest With Sharline, After All The Movie Sequences,as Soon As You Start Go Back Inside,on The End Of The Bed There Is A Solta Bow, Not A Cheat,but For Those Of You That Didnt Know, Very Handy
FULLY TESTED on a PAL (Euro) PS2 console by Helpful, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Codes Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

In Darius' Story, In The Beginning, There Is A Pararady Near The Fountain. Kill It, And It Will Drop Blue Fruit. Go To The Save Crystal, Into The Shop, Come Out. That Ugly Animal Will Be Right There Again. There's Also An Red Fruit Creature In Darius' Story, An Iron Giant Near The Escape Door In The Underground Shrine To The Royal Commons, Where The Lady With The Gold Thing Is.
Oh, Sharline Has Also A Spot For Blue Fruit: By The First Save Crystal There's A Sort Of Flower; It Will Drop An Blue Fruit,go Back In The Shop,....
Same Method As Darius.
( I've Boosted All My Stats Through The Roof To 200)
FULLY TESTED on a PAL (Euro) PS2 console by Binnocularboy, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheats Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

When You Equip The Pot And The Frying Pan In The Girls Quest, Yes The First Items You Pick Up, They Are For The Beginning The Best Statistics And Chance To Hit. The Pot Raises Your Stats And Makes It Easier To Survive. The Pan's Palmara Action, The Base Action Not The Upgrades, Will Hit Almost Anything Including Those Yellow Apes. You Can Use Them Without Upgrades To Save Yourself A Lot Of Crystals. The Interesting I've Found Is That The Disadvantages Of Each Is Balanced By The Others Advantages.
FULLY TESTED on a NTSC (USA) PS2 console by James Whitmarsh, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Code Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

Ever Grace GUARD BOOTS Cheat
On The Guy Quest, The Guard Boots You Get To Use The Guard Lifts Are Indestructable. You Can Use These To Get Around With Out Having To Repair It.
TESTED on a PS2 by Neoperson, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

Ever Grace HIDDEN LEVEL Cheat Codes
After You Have Beaten The Game It Starts Over At The Begining. But If You Attack Different Objects With Palmira Actions Or Just Slashes Or Whatever You Will Sometimes Get A Palmira Bee, Depending On The Object Now If Your Lucky And You Kill It Sometimes If Your Luckier Still You Will Get A Black Scroll Or Something To That Effect If You Use This It Will Take You To A Whole New Level If You Beat That One It Will Take You On To
Another Level And So On. You Can Get New Armor New Weapons And Fight New Enemies This Is Just A Sidequest But Still It's Fun If You Want A New Challenge (keep In Mind There Are No Save Points Or Crystals Throughout The Maze Just Green Exit Crystals You Have To Do The Whole Thing In One Sitting).
TESTED on a PS2 by The Guvna, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Codes Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

Ever Grace LOOK FOR THE BEES Cheats
While Playing The Femm Story, You Will Encounter Rest Areas With Plenty Of Beds In Morpheus Lab. Kill Off The Monsters And You Not Only Have A Free Healing Spot, But It Is Safe Enough For You To Use Your Palmira Actions On The Large Metal Boxes. You See, If You Use A Strong Attack Such As A Good Hit With The Avenger Or Lightning Storm By Equipting The Volt Suit You Can Attack These Boxes To Reveal These Little Smily Face Looking Buggers. Face Away From Them And Use Lightning Storm To Kill Them Off And They Drop Dark Crystals [each A One Time Pass Into A Secret Dungeon] Or Ore Which Can Be Sold Forr 1000p A Peice.
TESTED on a PS2 by Little Quite Girl, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheats Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

In The Ice Cave, Colloseum Or Forgotten Road, You Can Buy An Quano's Axe (in The Shop).it's An Purple-blue Axe And It Hads One Big Blade And One Little Blade; Upgrade It To Level High. It Has Enough Attackpower To Kill Krisalis In 6-7 Slashes.
Tip: Attack When Krisalis 'sucks' A Part Of The Platform Away.
When You Think Shes Ready, Slash (normal Attack, Stand Stil) Her Sideways.
Beware People: Make Sure You Have Enough Place Before Slashing In Her, Its Easy To Fell Of And Die!!
You Must Stand Close To Those Blue Beams She Made:
After 6-7 Beams, Slash.
I Have Won This Way.

Tip For Defeating Trandin, The Left Winged Child:
Use Sharline To Kill Him With The Strongest Palmira Action On The Second Bow You Found In The Forgotten Road. When He Sits On The Flowers, Slash With An Palmira Action Of The Katanna (white Sword, You Can Buy It In The Soaring Tower)
It Will Be An Hard Way To Beat Trandin With None Off These Weapons :-)
FULLY TESTED on a PAL (Euro) PS2 console by Binnocularboy, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Code Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

During The Abandoned Road Section After You Have Saved At The Crystal You Can Run Along The Road And Corss The Thin Bridge. If You Kill The Arachne On The Left Side Of The Road It Will Drop The Palmira Which You Can Sell For 1000. Go Back To The Crystal And Enter The Shop And Sell The Piece. You Can Do This Repeatedly To Earn Loads Of Cash Quickly And Upgrade Your Weapons.
FULLY TESTED on a PAL (Euro) PS2 console by Kris, a Ever Grace PS2 Cheat Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

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Your Ever Grace Cheats and Tips

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