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Welcome to our page dedicated to PS2 ICO cheats and tips. This is a Strategy Platform Fighting Adventure Playstation 2 game and was made by Sony for the Sony PStwo videogame console.

If you can't find the ICO cheats you are looking for on this page, don't worry, we have staff waiting to help you with ICO right now. We also have a special "ICO website" with cheat codes, step-by-step strategy guides, chat forum and more.

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Game Advice and General Tips


In The Upper Courtyard Area, After You Pull A Switch Near The Waterfall, Look To The Left, And You Will See A Tall Tree. Swipe At It With Your Sword, And A Ball Will Fall From The Branches. Take The Ball Up The Stairs Into The Room You Opened, And Drop It. Between The Two Stairs Going To The Upper Level Of The Room, You Will Notice Three Arches. Go Up To The Middle One, Push On A Side Of It, And It Will Reveal A Secret Room. Go Back And Get The Ball, And Yorda Will Go Into The Secret Room. Jump Onto The Pedestal And A Basket Will Pop Up. Grab The Ball And Stand A Few Steps From The Side Wall And Throw The Ball. Once You
Make The Shot (use The Digital Control For It To Be Easier), A Mace Will Fly In Through The Window.
TESTED on a PS2 by The Guvna, a ICO PS2 Cheats Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

When You Release Yorda A Stick Should Fall Down Next To The Cage . Get The Stick And You Should Kill Your Enemies More Qiuqer Than Pushing Them.
FULLY TESTED on a NTSC (USA) PS2 console by Tarek Majzoub, a ICO PS2 Cheat Code Apprentice Code-Cop (level 7) on our Cheat-Squad.

If You Complete The Game, And Then Play It Through Again, There Are Some Minor Changes. One Is That All The Subtitles Are In English (finally, You Can Find Out What Yorda Is Saying). Another Is That Player 2 Can Play As Yorda, Although Doing So Is Pretty Passive. The Last Thing Is, The Secret Weapon Is No Longer A Mace, It's A Light-sabre. And If You're Holding Yorda's Hand, It's A Super Light-sabre...
FULLY TESTED on a PAL (Euro) PS2 console by Sean, a ICO PS2 Cheat Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

You Can Jump Backwards Off Ladders, As Long As Your Feet Are Still On It. If Your Hands Are Only On It, Just Climb Up Or Down A Rung.
TESTED on a PS2 by The Guvna, a ICO PS2 Cheat Codes Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

Never, Ever Leave An Area Without Yorda Unless You Are Only Going To Be Away From It For A Few Seconds. When You Leave An Area, Enemies Will Attack Her Very Quickly, So Make Sure Not To Leave Her Alone In One For More Than 20 Seconds Or
TESTED on a PS2 by The Guvna, a ICO PS2 Cheats Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

If You Get Stuck In An Area, Listen To Yorda's Squeeks And Yelps. She Will Quite Often Make A Sound And Point To Something Important For Solving The Puzzle. Good Girl.
FULLY TESTED on a PAL (Euro) PS2 console by Dom, a ICO PS2 Cheat Code Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

At The End Of The Second Playthrough Of The Pal Version Of Ico There Are Some Watermelons In The Dunes At The Back Of The Beach. Taking One Of These To Yorda Results In A Cute Alternative Ending As The Credits Roll.
FULLY TESTED on a PAL (Euro) PS2 console by Bryn, a ICO PS2 Cheat Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.


Push The Iron Box (once You Save) Off The Bump Towards The Switch On The Wall Near The Elevator. Pull The Switch. Then Climb The Topmost Rung-thingie To The Other Side. Climb Just Above The Window (on The Chain) & Push Triangle & Forward To Jump To The Other Side. Shadows Will Come, But This Time They're Interested In Ico (!). Beat Them, Then Push One Of The Steel Boxes Off The Edge. Go To The Other Side, Then (see That Chain?) Push The Box Over To The Ledge (if You Look, You'll See What I Mean)& Climb Up It. Go Up The Chain & You Will End Up Above The Area You Fought The Shadows In. Go To The Other Chain And Swing To The Switch. Call Yorda Onto The Wodden Platform, Then Pull The Switch. Defeat The Shadows (never Let Go Of Yorda's Hand!! If You Do, The Shadows Will Most Likely Kill Her...) And Open The Door To The Next Area.
TESTED on a PS2 by Michiko, a ICO PS2 Cheat Codes Apprentice Code-Cop (level 1) on our Cheat-Squad.

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