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X Squad
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Important Information

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PS2 Cheats and Codes


During play hold start and select and then press the following buttons
X, X, Circle, X, Left, Down, Square. 


At main screen press the following buttons
circle, circle, circle, circle, triangle, square, square, square, square 

Submitted and FULLY tested by: Jim Diamond


key: s=square t=triangle c=cercal x=x
at the main menu tap in the following keys
privatet: s c t
sergeant: t c s
lietenant: r1 L2 L1 r2
captain: c r1 c L1 t r2
major: L2 s r2 t L1 c r1
colonel: t s c s t c
general: L1 L1 L2 L2 r1 r1
master of x squad: c c c c t s s s s 

Submitted and FULLY tested By: donny

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