Title: Extreme G Racing    Developer: Acclaim   Type: Bike Racing
Absolute PlayStation2


"Taking an obvious cue from the WipEout series, the new vehicles of choice are XG sanctioned motorcycles and they are blisteringly fast! Get ready to take on some outrageous courses that will have you winding inside glaciers, in-between city high-rises, underwater and through mountains. "
Extreme G Racing
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Ian (not Ian)  "An Extreme G Afficionado, That's Me. I've Played Xg1, 2 And Now 3. Each Incarnation Has Stuck To The 'push Button To Accelerate - Don't Brake' School Of Arcade Racing And Each Version Stops Short Of Adding Anything At All To The Genre. This One Looks Good, Moves Very Quickly And Smoothly And That's About It. Fun If, Like Me You Like A Good Old Fashioned Futuristic Racer."
Graphics  11/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  11/20
Last updated on 2001-09-22 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 14 days.

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Quality visuals that clearly show the power of this machine
Graphical masterpiece that is amongst the best currently available
Pushing the visual capability to it's absolute limit
This game has graphics that were never thought possible on this console

Makes little use of the CD capacity and audio hardware
Functional sounds that compliment the on-screen action
Quality atmospheric sounds that are highly effective
Music and effects that greatly enhance the overall enjoyment
Sounds like this were never thought possible on this console

PLAY-ABILITY (The way the game actually plays)
No fun to play, control is bad, gameplay lacks ideas
Offers moderate enjoyment but lacks a reason to play regularly
Quality title that has all the features you would expect
Top-notch title with nearly flawless gameplay
Little room for improvement and the best game of its type
Introduces new gameplay aspects not thought possible for this console

Wouldn't even buy for your worst enemy
Life-span would be a short rental period
Recommended purchase which should offer a weeks enjoyment
Has the potential to still be played regularly weeks from now
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You will enjoy playing this game occasionally even years from now

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