Title: F1 2001   Developer: EA Sports   Type: Car Racing
Absolute PlayStation2

F1 2001

"As regular as a sunrise, EA Sports deliver another F1 racing game as the season its-self ends. Fans of the sport are hoping that they have taken the opportunity to tune the engine, fill up the tank and tighten the wheel nuts over last years effort."
F1 2001
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Curtis Pennell  "Overall I Have To Say That This Is An Excellent Game, My Favorite Actually. I've Been Playing It Consistently For Four Months Now, And While I Have Noticed Quite A Few Little Glitchy Things That Perhaps Could Have Been Fixed With A Little Thought And Preperation, Basically, I Just Dont Care! The Bottom Line Is That When You're Playing The Game, Its Enjoyable. You Sort Of Have To Ignore The Fact That A Lot Of The Usual Common Gameplay Attributes That We Have Come To Depend On In Games Are Not Present Here. Because As I Said, Once Your Passed The Menu Screens And All The Bs, Its A Damn Fun Game To Play, Over And Over And Over..."
Graphics  15/20
Playability  43/50
Sound  10/10
Lastability  20/20
Last updated on 2003-08-10 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

Apexshaver  "I've Certainly Heard A Lot Of Good Things About This Title. I Enjoyed Last Years Version (f1 2000) Although It Was Kind Of "arcadey", It Was Still Fun Until I Was Able To Master It On The Hardest Level First Time Through The Series. Another Thing That Was Annoying Was That I Enjoy Head To Head Racing With My Friends And You Couldn't Each Get A Different Trans. Type. I Always Use Manual In Racing (like Real) So If I Wanted To Race Some Wimpy Auto Friend Somebody Had To Give.

I Wrote An E-mail To Ea And Informed Them Of This Hoping They Would Take It Into Consideration The Next Time. Well, They Did For The Ai, It Is Much Better And More Challenging. The Same With The Realism (as Far As Handling Is Concerned. All The Other Good Things I Have Heard Are For The Most Part True So I Won't Repeat Them Here.

One Thing That Annoys Me Though Is These Constant Comparisons To Gt3's Graphics. Come On, This Is An Entirely Different Game, With Damage, Weather And 21 Other Cars With Some "brains". The Graphics And The Frame Rate Is Awesome With These Factors In Mind.

Now For My One Big Complaint With This Game. I Consider It Inexcusable For Ea Sports To Leave It Out And I Can't Believe I Have Heard (read) No Other Comment On It By Any Other Hardcore Simulation Fan. You Can't Drive With A Manual Transmission In Any Of The Multiplayer Modes, Quick Race, Or Even The Challenge Tests! F1 Cars Do Not Have Automatic Transmissions! What Were These Guys Thinking? Or Were They? There Are 2 Things That I Believe Should Be "givens" In Developing Games: 1) You Should Be Able To Configure Your Controller With Any Action To Any Button, 2) You Should Always Have The Opportunity To Shift The Car Yourself! Ea Sports My Have To Change Their Slogan For This One..."it's Not In The Game"!"
Graphics  15/20
Playability  43/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  15/20
Last updated on 2001-11-01 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 5 days.

Hogni Nolsoe  "The Graphics Of This Game Is Very Good; Better That I Expected! And The Way The Screen Moves With The Car, Seems Is Also Very Realistic.

But The Way The Car It Self Handels, I Don't Think Is Realistic At All. Especally In Simulation Mode, It Is Way Too Difficult To Drive; And This Stays The Same, With Or With Out A
Steering Wheel!!

I Fact, I Think That F1 2000ch For Playstation 1, Has A Car That Handles Better, Or More Realistic Than It Does, In This Game!! And That's Why I'm At The Moment, Am Switching Between These Games; Until I Get F1 2001 For My Pc.

I Have Red That In The Pc Version Of The Game, The Car Should Handle Very Well; Then I Ask Myself: Why The People That Program The Pc Version, And The People That Make The Playstation 1-2 Versions, Don't Work Together?? So That The Two Versions Won't Be So Different To Play; And It Always Turns Out To Be The Pc Based Version, That Is The Best One!!

I Gues That Ea Will Fix This Problem With The Cars Handling, In Their Next Version Of The Game, That Will Come Out Next Year!!

The Game Is Of Course All In All, The Best F1 Game Ever Made For The Playstation Console; But I Must Admit That I'm A Bit Disapointed On How The Car Handles! And This Matters When You Are A Fan Of Formula 1."
Graphics  18/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  9/10
Lastability  15/20
Last updated on 2001-10-24 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 21 days.

Tom Rooney  "F1 Was A Really Nice Surprise For Me. I Love Driving Games, But I Was Never Crazy About Formula Style Racers. The Cars Are Generally Way Too Hard To Control And Once You Have Raced On The "official" Tracks Before They Become A Bit Redundent...but For Some Reason I Actually Enjoyed Ea's F1 Offering.

You Can Easily Switch Between Normal (assisted) Mode And Simulation Mode. There Was A Lot Of Stuff To Tinker With And The Cars Handling Was Actually Quite Good.

There Were A Nice Selection Of One And Two Player Modes But To Play Them You Have To Complete A Certain Percentage Of The Training Mode. While I Liked The Training Mode Alot, I Wasn't Too Crazy About The Fact That I Had To Complete Portions Of It To Enable Modes To Become Unlocked.

The Graphics Are Very Well Done With Excellnet Car Models And Backgrounds. Lots Of Nifty Special Effects Too Like Realistically Portrayed Rain, Complete With Car Reflections Off Of The Wet Track. I Also Liked The Cool Blurring Effects When The Car Runs Over The Ground Strips.

All In All This Was The Most Enjoyment That I Have Ever Had With A Formula Style Racer And That Is Saying Alot."
Graphics  16/20
Playability  42/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  15/20
Last updated on 2001-10-22 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 4 days.

Thomas Noller  "The Game Looks And Sounds Beautiful But After Playing It Extensively For More Than Two Weeks Now, The Gameplay Just Doesn't Live Up To The Flashy Graphics. You Will Only Be Disappointed If You Start Delving Into The Details Of This Game, When Even Eye-candy Can't Disguise Anymore That This Is A Half-finished, Bug Riddled Product.

To Start With, All Cars Have The Same Performance Specs (just Like They All Sound The Same), Which Means You Can Easily Outdrive A 4 Time World Champion Michael Schumacher In A Car As Ridiculously Impotent As A Minardi. Not A Big Deal For The Casual Racer, But For Someone Who Is Into This Stuff A Very Inconsiderate Decision On Electronic Arts Side.

Next, You Will Notice That In A Race Your Opponents Are Very Fast In The Corners But Slow As Tractors On The Straights. Since There Is No Function To Fine Tune Opponent Strength You Have To Either Drive Slower Than You Can On The Straights Or Set Your Car Up In The Least Ideal Way To Have A Decent Racing Experience And To Top It Off, You Can't Even Save Your Car Setups.

Next, If You Run With Fia Rules Turned On (the Flags And Such) You Will Be Relentlessly Yellow Flagged For Every Millimeter You Race Off Track, Which Often Results In You Getting A 10 Seconds Penalty For Overtaking Or Overspeeding On Yellow.

Next, In Shorter Races (about 16 Laps) With Dynamic Weather Turned On It Will Rain About 3 Times (and Dry Up As Many Times) And Your Opponent Cars Will Never Pit To Change To Wets. Once You Decide Pitting (because Driving On Dries Is Impossible) Chances Are That When You Are Finsihed In The Pit It Has Stopped Raining And The Track Is Drying Up Again. Duh.

There Are Many More Annoying Details Which All Add Up To A Rather Unpleasant Experience. Yes, The Visuals Are Great (even Though Gt3 Still Has The Edge) And The Feeling Of Speed Is There, But When It Comes To The Actual Racing This Game Falls Apart.

I'd Still Recommend It For Casual Racers Who Dont Care So Much About Authenticity."
Graphics  15/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  11/20
Last updated on 2001-10-22 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 21 days.

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