Title: FIFA 2003   Developer: EA Sports   Type: Soccer Sports
Absolute PlayStation2

FIFA 2003

"The biggest player in world football steps back out on to the pitch for another season. EA Sports 2003 update to its FIFA Soccer franchise takes up the mantel and strides forth to dominate the sales tables just as it has done every year before. "
FIFA 2003
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Stephen Parr  "This Game Has Many Strong Points Like Cool Set Pieces And Graphics. The Stadium Atmosphere Is So Real And It Is Really Enjoyable With 4 Different Difficulty Levels.
The Bad Points Are That You Cannot Create Your Own Players And That If You Get Too Close To The Goalkeeper And Try To Shoot The Goalkeeper Runs Out And Grabs It From Under Your Feet."
Graphics  18/20
Playability  43/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  20/20
Last updated on 2003-05-30 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

Gaz Edmunds  "I've Been A Fan Of The Fifa Games Ever Since They First
Popped Up In 1995 On The Snes, And Have Followed
Them Somewhat Religiously From There Through The Ps1 And Now Ps2. And I Have To
Say, That While This Game Is Graphically And Aurally
Amazing, The Gameplay Is Absolutely Horrendous, And
The Worst Of Them All To This Date.

The Biggest Knock On Fifa 2001 And 2002 On The Ps2
Were, For Me, That They Were Too Easy. Great Fun To Play
Though, And Even Though You Knew You Could Bomb
Down The Wing, Cross It And Score With A Bicycle Kick,
You Tended To Avoid It To Make The Game Harder. One
Fifa 2003 Though, Ea Have Come Out The Other Side
Making The Game (for Me) Nighmarishly And Annoyingly
Difficult. Not So Much The Passing And Running, But
Dribbling With The New Freestyle Control Jobbie Is A
Complete Pain In The Backside. Add To That The Fact That
While The Opposition's Ai Has Improved Greatly, Your
Own Players Act Like They've Knocked Back A Few Cans Of
Lager Prior To The Kickoff. A Pass Meant For A Player Just
A Few Feet In Front Of You Is Often Hoofed Out Of Play Or
Better Yet Cannoned Off His Feet Despite The Softest Tip On
The Controls. I Have Also On Many Occasions Ran
Completely Over The Ball Without Picking It Up, Gifting The
Opposition A Goal. I've Had This A Week Now, And Play It
Constantly In An Effort To Master It, And Still Get A Regular
Pummeling On The Professional Level, Never Mind World

Another Lamentable Feature Is The Gradual
Disappearance Over The Years Of The Customizable
Options. If You're A Fan Of Sticking Yourself On The Squad
Of Your Favourite Team, Then You'll Be Disappointed As
That Option Has Fallen By The Wayside. Team
Management Has Also Been Pared Down, To Where You
Can Now Only Choose From Eight Different Formations,
With No Room For Tweaking.

All In All It's A Great Footy Game That'll Totally Appeal To
Your Senses Of Vision And Hearing. Unfortunately, It'll
Also Tweak Your Sense Of Frustration."
Graphics  18/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  9/10
Lastability  15/20
Last updated on 2002-12-24 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 7 days.

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