Title: Kengo   Developer: Genki   Type: 3D Fighting
Absolute PlayStation2


"To become Kengo, Sword Master, requires absolute commitment. Custom attack combinations, lightening reflexes and precision timing, all combine to make you a formidable opponent. But be prepared, only the bravest, strongest and swiftest will be victorious in this 3D fighting game."
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Toby Haines  "I First Turned It On, and It's Okay.. Looks Good.. Then I Started To Play. It Pi**ed Me Off At First With The Difficulty Of Some Of The Items, But After Passing The Trial, It Began To Get Fun.. I Just Can't Wait To See If There Is One Of Those Things.. Whats It Called.. Oh Yeah, A Story."
Graphics  15/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  7/20
Last updated on 2002-02-09 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 1 days.

Eddie-torres  "I'm Not A Techy Or A Hard Core Gamer But With All The Poor Reviews Of This Game I Thought I Would Say My Piece. I Really Enjoy This Game.the Graphics Are Simple And Functional. The Game Is More About Calm Controled Attacts And Counters Than It Is About Fast Hacking And Slashing. It Is An Interesting Enough Game That Is Definately Worth Owning. The 2 Player Mode Is An Absolute Riot,nothing Beats Fighting With Friends. Anyway Thats All!!!"
Graphics  11/20
Playability  43/50
Sound  5/10
Lastability  18/20
Last updated on 2002-01-13 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 7 days.

Gideon  "If You Liked Bushido Blade – You’re Going To Love This. If You Didn’t Like Bushido Blade Then I Wouldn’t Advise Buying This Title. This Is What I Would Class As A Social Game In That Its Best Enjoyed With Friends – The Single Player Mode (aside From The Hefty Training Component), Once You Have Reached A Certain Level And Unlocked All The Extra Playable Characters Has Fairly Limited Appeal Other Than A Platform For You To Hone Your Skills With A Katana (not Literally Of Course).

Graphically, This Game Is Quite Stunning – Although The Fighting Environments Are Mostly Limited To The Inside Of Various Dojos. The Character Movement Is Smooth With All Of The Fighters (there Are Around 22 – Each With Their Own Particular Style Of Fighting) Moving With Fluidity And Grace As They Proceed To Hack The Living Daylights Out Of Each Other. There Are No One Hit Kills In This Game, But With One Of The More Powerful Characters You Could Easily Have The Round Over In A Few Seconds. This Is Not A Jump 10 Foot In The Air Spin Around 53 Times With Arcs Of Blue Energy Type Of Combat – Its Actually Very Simple And Realistic. Sets Of Moves Are Accessed Via The Shoulder Buttons Meaning There Is Only One ‘hit’ Button And No Complex Finger Bashing As With Tekken’s 10 Hit Combos. The Fact That The Control Method Is So Simple May Put People Off This Game Initially, But As With Bushido Blade, This Game Is More About Distance And Timing Than It Is Fancy Acrobatic Moves And Its Surprising How Complex The Game Becomes Once You Start To Get Into It.

The Sound Is Very Minimal And Mostly Limited To The Clang Of Weapon On Weapon And Various ‘hi-ya’ Sounds From The Characters. There Is A Distinct Absence Of A Pumping Techno Track In The Background As You Slice And Dice. This Is Not Necessarily A Bad Thing As It Adds To The Overall Atmosphere And Setting Of The Game. It’s Hard To ‘be One With The Sword’ Sometimes When You’ve Got The Chemical Brothers Blaring In Your Ear.

Characters Progress And Learn More Moves By Defeating Opponents From Rival Dojos And Raise Their Base Stats Through A Series Of Training Exercises – All Fairly Straightforward Stuff. There’s No Rocket Science Here, Just Practice Needed.

Overall This Game Is Fairly Basic And Limited In Its Gameplay, But If You Like All That Samurai Type Stuff And Want To Have The Chance To Hack Your Friends To Death With A Big Pointy Sword, Then You Can’t Go Far Wrong. It Has A High Eye Candy Rating And The Controls Are So Simple That That Its Easily Played Even After Getting Back From A Session In The Pub With Friends – Which Is Probably The Best Time To Enjoy Playing It."
Graphics  11/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  5/10
Lastability  20/20
Last updated on 2001-10-20 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 7 days.

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