Title: Nascar Thunder 2002   Developer: Black Box   Type: Car Racing
Absolute PlayStation2


"For the first time on console, go door to door with a full race grid of 43 cars on track. With over 50 drivers and all 23 tracks from the NASCAR Winston Cup series."
Nascar Thunder 2002
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John Mark Westmoreland  "After I Maxed Out All The Upgrades In The First Season Alone I Cant Be Beat. I Win Ever
Pole And Every Race. It Gets A Bit Boring When Your Qualifying Time Is Three Seconds Ahead
Of The Number Two Driver. I Have Won 7 Back To Back Championships And Going For 8. I Would
Have Hoped That Dale And His Number 3 Would Be Unlocked After 8. I Even Have The Others
Cars On Veteren. Not All The Tracks Are In The Game Unless Your Playing Single Player. Why
Didnt They Do That For Career And Season? I'll Give It A 40 On The Enjoyment Scale."
Graphics  11/20
Playability  33/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  7/20
Last updated on 2009-07-19 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

David Becker  "Nascar Thunder 2002 Is The Most Realistic Stock Car Racing Game I Have Ever Played. I Could Not Believe The Full List Of Tracks And All 43 Cars On The Track. The Create-a-car Feature Is Better Than Any Other Nascar Game. You Can Individully Select The Car Make, And Three Sponsors. The Color Selection Is Nice Too. I Made A Chevy With The Sponsors Ford, Dodge, And Pontiac. The Realism Is Great, But I Don't Want Jeff Gordon Or Anyone Else To Recover When I Hit Them. I Really Like How On Limited Damage, You Can See The Dents Mold Into Shape Again. Career Mode Is Awesome. There Is Nothing Like It. I Never Get Tired Of Sweet Home Alabama. I'm Trying To Learn It On Guitar Now. I Keep Winning More And More Drivers, It's Over 60 Now! I Also Like How When You Change To Paint On Drivers Cars, The Ai Cars Race With The Paint That You Selected. Overall, Nascar Thunder 2002 For Ps2 Is Tied With Gta3 For The Best Game In My List. Glad Kevin Harvick Is In It.i Wish There Was Dale Too Though. Long Live #3!!! Gordon Sucks With His Gay, Flaming Rainbow Car!"
Graphics  15/20
Playability  48/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  20/20
Last updated on 2002-03-23 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

Tyler Hoard  "Nascar Thunder 2002 Is Overall An Ok Game But Can Get Boring. There Hardly Ever Are Any Big Crashes And All The Cars Seem To Always Stay In The Race. It Just Seems Nothing Like Real Nascar. This Game Is Much Better Than The Old Ones But Still Needs A Lot Of Improvement."
Graphics  15/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  2/10
Lastability  11/20
Last updated on 2002-03-16 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

William Boldman  "Nascar Thunder Becomes A Disappointment Rather Quickly. Sure The Cars Sport Some Of The Best Damage You've Ever Seen In A Nascar Game, Its Just Too Bad The Damage Doesnt Affect The Car.
After Playing The Game On Season And Career Modes At The Same Time I Began To Realize The Realism Is Really Lacking In This Game.

List Of Complaints: Sure All 43 Cars On The Track Is Great, But Since When Do All 43 Cars Finish A Race, Without Getting Knocked Out, Five Races In A Row! Cars Are Easy To Nudge And Spinout, But Like All Games Before, They Somehow Recover And Continue To Race. When I Finally Saw A Car Get Rusty Wallace Airborne And Somersault Over My Head, I Thought Sure He Was Toast, Nope, He Got Back To The Pits And Continued On! When You Get Your Car Damage Repaired In The Pits, Your Car Morphs Back To Perfect Health, Instead Of Taking Off A Damaged Hood Or Fender And Telling Me, "you Broke It, Now You Race It". The Pit Garage Car Adjustments Are The Lowest And Worse Ive Ever Seen, Only The Lazy Mechanic Would Love It. There Are No Big Wrecks To Look Out For, No Opportunities For Your Spotter To Tell You "go High" In A Cloud Of Smoke And Carnage. All 43 Cars Seem To Stay On The Lead Lap, No Dnfs Or Outs. When I Put A Car Into The Wall, I Dont Want To See It Back On The Track Again. Career Mode Starts Out With You Not Being Able To Adjust Lap Amounts Or Damage. Absolutely No In-game Sound Tracks, And For Some Reason I Couldnt Get The In-game Broadcasters To Talk, At All! After Realizing These Cars Were Invincible, I Turned Around On The Track, Went Backwards And Hit A Car Head On, Guess What, We Both Got To Keep On Racing. All This Was Done With 25% Laps And Veteran Difficulty.

I Placed An Annoying Second At Daytona, And Won The Next Four Races, Seemed A Bit Too Easy, Even For Veterans.

Compliments: Create-a-car Is The Best Ever, If You Like Your Car Number To Be 100-199. Car Response To The Track Is Very Touchy, You Really Have To Find The Best Line To Run Your Car. Cars Now Catch A Draft From The Rear By The Car Behind You Taking Air Off Your Spoiler. If You Want To Get To The Front, You Must Find A Drafting Buddy And Work Together, If Your Car Isnt The Fastest Out There. Competing For Sponsership Is Finally Here.

The Game Is Clearly On Its Way To Becoming A True Nascar Experience, But It Is Only Half Way There With This Years Title."
Graphics  15/20
Playability  20/50
Sound  2/10
Lastability  7/20
Last updated on 2001-11-09 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 5 days.

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