Title: Paris Dakar Rally   Developer: Acclaim   Type: Racing
Absolute PlayStation2


"Race across North Africa, from the jungle on the coast, through savannah and scrub to rolling sand dunes and the wonders of Egypt. This is an all terrain racing game in every sense of the word."
Paris Dakar Rally
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Ryan Hook  "I Think That Paris Dakar Rally Is A Very Enjoyable And Addictive Game. The Only Things I Didnt Really Like Was The Loading Times They Seem Like They Go On Forever And Other Other Thing Is The Graphics Could Be A Bit Better They Are Not Quite Up To Ps2 Standards.

Over All An Average But Enjoyable Game."
Graphics  7/20
Playability  33/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  15/20
Last updated on 2001-10-30 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 6 days.

Andy Harvey  "This Game Is Absolute Rubbish! While Loading (which Seems To Take About 10mins) The Music Just Comes To An Abrupt Halt Pauses For Five Seconds And Then Starts Again. This Doesnít Seem Like A Fair Point To Judge The Game On But When You Are Paying £40 You Expect A Little More.

On To The Gameplay And Graphics, Well What Can I Say? I Think Road Rash On The 16bit Megadrive Had More Going For It Than Paris Dakar Has.

I Have Played This Game For About 6hours In Total And Just Cant Work Out How The Developer Can Have The Cheek To Release It. Control Is Impossible On The Bikes, You Are Either Not Turning Or Are On Full Lock. The Track Looks The Same Colour As The Scenery, Which Makes It Very Difficult To See Where You Are Going And You Cant Get Out Of First Gear Off The Road. Another Thing That Doesnít Help Is The Direction Arrows, I Canít Work Out If These Are A Joke Or Not. They Keep Flashing Up Telling You About A Bend That Isnít Even There! I Didnít Bother Trying The Cars Or 4x4s, I Just Wish I Hadnít Bothered Buying Paris Dakar In The First Place."
Graphics  3/20
Playability  10/50
Sound  2/10
Lastability  3/20
Last updated on 2001-10-08 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 21 days.

Raghu Krishnan  "This Game Is Just Awesome. Great Graphics And Very Intense. Its Not For The Casual Gamer And Very Much Unlike Any Other Rally Game. One Of The Key Things Missing Is Replays. Takes A While To Get Used To But Once You Are Into The Paris Dakar Rally Groove, Its Addictive.

I Have Long Awaited The Game, And Was The First To Buy It Today When It Released, And Its A Definite Must Have For Any Racing Enthusiast.
A Few Things To Look Out For Are The Rivers Below The Bridges And The Water Falls And The Other Vehicles That Fly By You When You Are Too Slow."
Graphics  18/20
Playability  48/50
Sound  10/10
Lastability  18/20
Last updated on 2001-10-04 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 1 days.

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Quality title that has all the features you would expect
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