Title: Quake 3 Revolution   Developer: Bullfrog   Type: Shooter
Absolute PlayStation2


"The all-out war to become 'King of the Fraggers' is truly underway as hot on the heels of Timesplitters and Unreal Tournament comes the console version of this massive PC shooter."
Quake 3 Revolution
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Dominic Feeney  "This Is An Absolutely Fantastic Fps Game. Ive Owned Many Fps Games In My Time But The Real Turning Point For Me Was The Deathmatches On Goldeneye. From Then On I Was Waiting Patiently For A Deathmatched Based Game. This Is It.

This Game Rocks. The Graphics Are Stunning And No Matter How Hectic The Gameplay Is There Is Never Even A Hint Of Slowdown. The Controls Are Extremely Responsive And Are Easy To Pick Up But Hard To Master.

This Is A Fantastic Game Which Should Be In Eveyones Collection. Ive Only Owned It For 2 Weeks But Its Already A Firm Favourite With The Lads (and The Girls). It Has That Unique One More Go Factor And Has Often Delayed Our Trips To The Pub Immensley.

The Loading Times Are Long, But Bearable. After A Particularly Frantic Match They Are Sometimes Good As You Get To Chill Out And Take The Mick Out Of Your Mate Who You Fragged About 10 Times For Every 1 Time He Fragged You (ben)

Apart From That Its Great.

Buy It Now. I Guarentee You Will Not Be Dissapointed."
Graphics  20/20
Playability  48/50
Sound  9/10
Lastability  20/20
Last updated on 2002-01-31 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 14 days.

Jim R Tileston  "The Game Is Intended To Be Played By All Who Love Quake 3. Even Pc Gamers May Like The 4 Way Split Screen On This One. The Graphics Are Too Good To Be True. After Owning Both The Pc And Dreamcast Versions, I Must Say This Is The Best Of The Bunch...especially In Multiplayer! The Graphics Run At A Smooth 60 Fps, And The Level Of Detail Is Never Dropped Even In 4 Player Deathmatches.

Being Mostly A Single Player, I Found A Lot To Love Here. You Can Beat The Campaigns Quickly, But Going Back Through With Each Character, Building Them Up, And Then Using Them In Arena Matches To Obliterate The Competition Is A Thing Of Beauty. When Your Friends Bring Their Saved Characters Over To Use, The Game Gets Even Better.

The Weapons Are Even As Varied As The Characters, And You Never Get That "why Should I Use This Weapon Instead Of That One" Feeling.

To Sum It Up, Quake 3 Revolution Is A Marvelous Achievement. Those At Bullfrog Should Be Rewarded For Making The Game Stand Out From The Pc And Dreamcast Versions, Yet Still Retain That Good Old Feeling Of Mayhem. A Must Have For Shooter Fans, And A Must Rent For Everyone Else. Just Watch Out For Those Minute-and-a-half Loading Times."
Graphics  20/20
Playability  48/50
Sound  9/10
Lastability  18/20
Last updated on 2001-09-06 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 14 days.

Chris Norman (tiff71)  "Butt Kicking Boots Laced Up, Armour Vested Up, Weapon Choosen, So Lock And Load And Strap On Your Bfg, It's Fraggin' Time!!!

Ea And Bullfrog Have Given Us Ps2 Owners A Top Notch Fps Game Ported From The Pc, But Wait, It Doesn't Stop There.

Not Content To Just Release Quake 3 Arena, They Have Taken The Original Q3a Game And The Add-on Pack 'team Arena' To Give Us Better Weapons, Levels (some New And Exclusive To The Ps2)all At Hi-res Graphics That Some Pc's Would Kill For!

Like All Of The Past Quake Games, This One Doesn't Follow A Set Plot, Like Enter A Level, Collect A Key/pass Card, Kill Everything In Sight And Exit To The Next Level. Nope All You Have To Do Is To Shoot Everything That Moves, The More Kills, Flags Collected And Eliminations The Better And Climb The Tiers To Face Your Captor 'viadrigar' Who Has Taken You Away From Your Own Little Life And Made You Fight To The Death In His Own Arena's, It's That Simple, Kill Or Be Killed!

With A Vast Array Of Weapons At Hand You Can't Go Wrong For A Kill, Unless Someone (a Bot) Has A Much Better Aim Than You And Takes You Out With A Railgun. The Game Engine Is Great, Well It Is The Q3 Game Engine That Allows 'bent' & 'curved' Polygons And A Nice Speed.

As You Progress Though The Tiers You Gain Experience And Medals For The Following-

Frags: Awarded Every Time You Kill(frag)100 People
Impressive: Awarded For Achieving Two Consecutive Hits With A Rail Gun
Gauntlet: Awarded Every Time Ou Frag Some One Using The Gauntlet(fist)
Excellent: Awarded For Fraggin' Two People Within Two Seconds
Accuracy: Awarded When Your Hits-to-shots Ratio Is Above 50%
Perfect: Awarded When You Have Fragged Everyone In The Arena And You Have Not Been Fragged Yourself

As You Progress To Each Tier Your Body Strength (armour), Speed And Health Get Boosted Up A Little, Depending On How Good Your Medals Are.

For A Single Player The Game Is A Little Bit Short, Well The Pc Version Is Purely Made For 'on-line' Playing, Which The Ps2 Doesn't Have, Shame, But Online Gaming Is Coming To The Ps2 Soon And With Quake 4 (produced By Raven) & Doom 3 (produced By Id) Now In The Bag For The Pc It Won't Be Long For A Ps2 Port And Real Online Gaming Against Real People And Not Computer Controlled 'bots'

The Game For Multiplayer Is No Let Down, A Quad-screen Action Is Very Good For 3 Other Players To Join In And There's No Slow Down What So Ever.

2 Other Flaws Is That The Loading Times Are Just A Little Bit Too Long, But Well Worth The Wait And There Is No Support For A Keyboard & Mouse Combo That Most Hard Core Fps Players Like, But It Uses The Same Control Layout Like In Timesplitters And That Method Works Great.

With A Small Collection Of Controlable 'bots' At The Begining To Suit A Persons Gameplaying Style And Not The Huge Collection In The Pc Version, This Game Rules Up With Timesplitters As A Bloody Fraggin' Good First Person Shooter.

As Tiff71 Has Quoted In The Past: 'if It Moves, Shoot It!!! If It Doesn't Move, Shoot It Anyway!!!'"
Graphics  20/20
Playability  48/50
Sound  9/10
Lastability  20/20
Last updated on 2001-08-15 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

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