Title: Ring of Red   Developer: Konami   Type: Strategy Wargame
Absolute PlayStation2


"Just think of what could have happened if Japan had not surrendered when they did in WW2. Would the outcome of the entire war been different? What other countries would be affected? What new technology could have been created to fight the ensuing battles? How long would the war have lasted? Lots of questions right? Well, Ring of Red gives you the opportunity to discover the answers to these hypothetical questions first hand."
Ring of Red
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Stevie Vincent  "I Wholeheartedly Endorse Toms Comments About This Game Being Only For True Fans Of The Genre As I Belong To The Other Camp Who Prefers A Little More Action Than Ring Of Red Offers.

After Playing The Game For 6 Hours Straight I Desperately Wanted To Like This, But There Just Wasn't Nearly Enough Going On To Hold My Interest. The Gameplay Is About As Slow As A Game Of Chess, But With Nowhere Near The Amount Of Strategy Involved.

For This Reason I Would Recommend A Weekend Rental Before Purchasing."
Graphics  33/20
Playability  12/50
Sound  17/10
Lastability  9/20
Last updated on 2001-10-22 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 40 days.

James Goode  "Now I Won't Even Pretend To Be A Strategy Fan. The Strategy Game I Played Was Battle Isle On The Pc (yes, That Long Ago!), But I Was Intrigued By This Game When I First Saw A Video Of In On A Magazine Dvd. I'm Glad That I Agreed To Help Review It! Strategy Game It Certainly Is, But A Lot Of The Scary Stats Stuff Is Nicely Hidden Just Under The Surface Waiting To Be Discovered When Your Ready For It, Making It Easier For A Strategy Novice Like Me. The Graphics Could Have Been Better But As They Are, Combined With The Excellent Sound & Music, They Give The Game An Almost Cinematic Feel. Your Troops Run To The Front Line To Throw Grenades, Snipe At The Enemy, Or Pin Them Down In A Hail Of Bullets... Then As They Start To Take Casualties, They Fall Back To The Safety Of The Awv. This Is What I Really Loved About The Game, The Feeling Of Being There, Of Really Commanding The Troops, Sharing In Their Failures, Successes, And Mourning The Loss Of Yet Another Soldier... Sniff!

The Only Really Annoying Things About The Game Are Its Characters. Being A Japanese Game The Story Line Is Very Strong, But When Told Through Character 'conversations', It Becomes Intensely Boring. It's Not Possible To Even Skip Them Altogether. A Simple 'mission Objectives' Screen Would Have Done The Job And Explained The Story Just As Well.

Strategy Fans Will Certainly Love This Game, But If Your Broad Minded Enough To Try Something A Bit Different Then Give Ring Of Red A Try... If You Try It, You'll Like It... Ring Of Red, So Misunderstood..."
Graphics  40/20
Playability  15/50
Sound  15/10
Lastability  8/20
Last updated on 2001-10-22 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

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