Title: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003   Developer: Electronic Arts   Type: Golf Sports
Absolute PlayStation2


"Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 is packed with fun filled and interesting game modes that should satisfy most players, while allowing your average couch potato to sample the delights of some of the world’s greatest golf courses."
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003
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David Mcmillin  "I Was Impressed With The Game In The Beginning. That Was Short Lived! I Soon Realized That The Play In The (skins) Mode Was More Accurate To What I Was Actually Doing With The Controller Than In Any Other Mode. Thank God For Some Sanity In This Game. The Other Modes Like Tiger Challenge And Tournaments Are Horribly Skewed. I Played The Challenge Courses In Practice Mode And In Skins And Played About 25% (estimate) Better And In Some Cases Up To Maybe 40%. When I Was Playing To Unlock Solita Lopez, I Racked Up 8 Birdies, She, Got 1 Eagle And 13 Birdies, That Is 15 Under Par, Which Made Me Wonder If Super Tiger Would Just Get All Hole In Ones (real Funny Guys). I Also Noticed That If I Was Playing Well In The Challenges The Golfers Golfed Better And Vise Versa, What Gives, It Seems To Be Rigged, And To Tell You The Truth, Not Much Fun At All. I Would Have Liked It A Lot Better If Each Golfer Got Better Along The Line In Some Kind Of Order After All There Are 22 People To Unlock. Like Maybe The Lopez Woman Will Shoot Four Under And The Next Person Five Under, But 15 Under Is Enough At That Point In The Game To Almost Give Up And Go To Something That Is A Little More Fun. I Also Didn't Like The Way The Screen Crops In Black On Well Hit Shots, It Seems To Be Random And Pre-destined To Hit A Hole-in-one, Eagle Or Double Eagle, Maybe It's Not Really A Good Shot From The Controller, This Stands Out Like A Sore Thumb And Is Really Corny. Well After Wasting Time Trying To Unlock The Other Players After I Finally Unlocked The Lopez Woman, Which By The Way I Had To Shoot A 9 Under Par To Do.

We Played Skins Nonstop, No Kidding!

I Got My Guy Up To 100% On Everything, Guess What. Except For The Length Of The Hit, Nothing Changed. Almost All The Tee Shots In The Challenges And Tournament Modes Fade Right Terribly And The Biggest Farce Of All, Even At 100% Is The Putting. You Guys, As My Mother Would Say, Should Be Ashamed Of Yourselves!!!!!!! The Announcer Says (this One Is Going To Break Ever So Slightly To The Left.), The Putting Line Shows About Five Inches Of Break To The Left And The Caddy Says, (aim 10 Inches Right And 3 Foot Long) And Then The Put Is Nowhere In That Vicinity. There Is No Reason To Have The Line If It Is Not Functional For Aiming And The Same Goes For The Announcer And The Caddy. You Can Leave Those Two In The Clubhouse With The Lopez Woman. Also, There Is No Way To Judge 8ft Long Or 2ft Right, So It Is Meaningless To Give That Advice In The First Place. My Old Sega Has A Better Putting Line Than This Game Has, And That Is Really Sad. Maybe You Guys Could Look At That Game And Get Some Pointers.

I Was Also Disapointed With The Amount Of Time And Effort I Had To Put Into This Game (for Very Little Gain), Or Have I Stated That Already.

Oh-did I Mention How Terrible The Putting In This Game Is?

One Last Note.

It Seems More Effort Was Put Into Making The Golfers Life-like Than Was Put Into Making This A Viable Game To Play For More Than A Month. Cheers On The Annimation! But I Don't Play For The Annimation. Sorry Guys But This Is Dog, Take Your Penalty Strokes And Move On. By The Way, If You See The Lopez Woman Tell Her I'm Sorry For Calling Her A Cunt!

David Mcmillin"
Graphics  11/20
Playability  10/50
Sound  5/10
Lastability  7/20
Last updated on 2003-02-28 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 28 days.

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