Title: Wild Wild Racing   Developer: Rage   Type: Arcade Racing
Absolute PlayStation2


"Get ready for an insane off-road free for all folks…Wild, Wild Racing for the PS2 has arrived. Cool vehicles and all-terrain courses enable gamers to race around the world in all kinds of conditions that are packed with challenging twists and turns. Go ahead, take it for a test drive, if you dare..!""
Wild Wild Racing
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James Goode  "All Of The Play In Wild Wild Racing Revolves Around Four Game Modes. To Satisfy The 'pick Up And Play' Crowd A Quickrace Mode Exists. Here You Just Choose Your Car, Your Track, Weather Conditions And Time Of Day, And Get Straight Down To Racing Against Five Computer Opponents.

Championship Mode Exists In Beginner (3 Tracks), Amateur (4 Tracks) And Pro (5 Tracks) Levels. Winning Each Championship Will Unlock The Next Level Together With New Cars. Time Attack Mode Is An 'against The Clock' Mode With A Difference - Winning Will Upgrade One Of The Cars.

Finally Comes Challenge Mode With It's Quest, Skill And Stunt Challenges. A Quest Challenge Involves Driving Around One Of The Courses Finding Gold Letters That Spell Out The Name Of A Car. Spell Out The Name Within The Time Limit, And The New Car Is Yours - With Long Car Names Like Black Lightning This Gets Pretty Tricky Especially If Your Spellings A Bit On The Dodgy Side! The Developers At Rage Have Obviously Been Playing Tekken Ball A Bit Too Much To Come Up With The Skill Challenge. Here You Have To Push A Large Beach Ball Around A Course Within A Time Limit, Believe Me It's A Lot Harder Than It Sounds Since The Ball Bounces Everywhere! The Best Of These Modes Is Undoubtedly The Stunt Challenge. These Tracks Usually Involve Lorry Jumping, Large Banked Curves And Plenty Of Hitting The Restart Button.

While All Of These Game Modes Are Fun On Their Own, The Challenge And Time Attack Modes Do Serve A Purpose Other Than Just Being Extra Space Fillers. Winning A New Car And Upgrading It In Challenge Mode Will Definitely Help When It Comes To Trying To Win A Championship, As Will Upgrading The Cars By Playing Time Attack.

However, The Racing In Wild Wild Racing (which Ever Mode You Play) Always Revolves Around Winning The Race, Or Beating The Clock, And The Championships Are Generally So Short That Doing Badly In One Race Can Loose The Complete Series Very Easily. This Gets Frustrating Particularly After Doing Well In A Couple Of Races...

It's A Great Shame That Some Of The Jumps From The Stunt Challenge Courses Weren't Used In The Championship Tracks - A More 'wild' Game Might Have Been The Result.

The Handling Of The Cars Appears To Be A Bit Suspect. Go Into The Game As A Novice Racer, And You May Find The Vehicles Impossible To Get Used To. There Is No Real Arcade/simulation Half Way House Here. Rage Has Definitely Gone The Simulation Route - Unfortunately At The Expense Of Gameplay. Hitting Stationary Objects Brings Your Car Comes To A Complete Stop, And When Combined With Very Tight Gaps In The Course, This Quickly Becomes Enoying. The Computer Driven Cars Also Appear To Have Strange Performance Characteristics, Since It Is Possible To Catch Up A Much Slower Computer Car, Pass It At The Speed Of Light, Only To Have It Breathing Down Your Neck At The Next Corner.

The Graphics In Wild Wild Racing Are Pretty Good. The Attention To Detail On Each Car Is Fantastic. Most Cars Have Animated Working Parts Showing, Such As Cogs, Drive Belts And Suspension, And The Drivers Move Their Arms In Tune With The Steering. Some Nice Smoke Effects Have Been Included With Your Car Leaving A Wispy Trail In Its Wake As You Accelerate Away From The Start Line. The Courses Are Also Detailed, If A Little Unvaried And Drab Looking. The India Course Wanders Through A Building Site Complete With Pipes, Jcb Diggers, Pickup Trucks And Other Building Site Scenery. Frame Rate Is Good, But Some Noticeable Slow Down Occurs From Time To Time.

Sound Affects Are Pretty Standard With Pleasing Engine Noises And Loud Crashing Sounds. With The Vibration Function Of The Dual Shock Turned On, All The Knocks That Your Car Receives Are Passed Onto The Game Pad. Game Music Is The Usual Racing Game Fare - Usa Style Rock/techno, Which Becomes Unnoticed During Play And Probably Better Turned Off!"
Graphics  11/20
Playability  33/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  11/20
Last updated on 2001-10-23 and based on views after owning/playing for approx 52 days.

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