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Scarface PS2 PlayStation2 Playstation 2 PStwo

Scarface PS2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Sony PlayStation2 guide to the game Scarface, it contains everything we currently know about Scarface for the PS2 videogame console.

We will be updating the info on this page as soon as we get more news about Scarface, so please bookmark this page and visit often.

Scarface game image
We have more Scarface images for the PS2 here

Guide to Scarface on the PlayStation 2

Building an empire is never easy. It requires ruthless ambition, determination and balls. One man managed to rise to the top of the cocaine drug trade. That man is Tony Montana, aka Scarface. As twisted and brutal as Tony is, he still is a man with certain principles. He never hurt anyone who didn't deserve it. That may one day cost him his life. As his grip on the world spirals out of control, Tony faces the challenge of rebuilding an empire. The rise, fall and rise again of Tony Montana is in the palm of your hands.

Scarface - The World Is Yours is a single player action adventure based on the 1983 movie Scarface. Set in the city of Miami, the game picks up where the movie ended, but with a twist. Tony Montana does not die. He escapes the onslaught of Sosa's men at his mansion and is forced to rebuild his empire. Fueled by his hatred of Sosa and his thirst for revenge, he embarks on a mission to reclaim his position as the drug czar of Miami.

Managing your empire and setting up fronts for your drug trade is the main focus of this game. In order to do that, you must eliminate the competition and build your reputation. Rival gangs have taken over and now control the city that you once dominated. Your task is to take them out. As you do, you will gain control over turf and in turn be able to buy businesses to front your drug deals. Selling cocaine is a lucrative business and making money will bring you power. The more powerful you become, the bigger your reputation grows. The bigger your reputation, the more opportunities open to you to increase your control over Miami. One day, the world will be yours.

Starting out, you will have limited options. Your reputation is nil. Reputation is key to rebuilding your empire. You can earn reputation by completing missions, buying fronts or exotic items. But to buy things, you must make money. This can be done various ways from completing missions to killing rival gangs to dealing drugs. Selling cocaine is what built your empire in the first place. It's what you do best. As your reputation level increases, more items become available such as cars, boats, weapons, henchmen and exotic items.

At first, you will only be able to sell to street dealers. As your reputation grows, you can follow leads to larger suppliers, which will make you more money. As you purchase fronts to distribute your drugs, making money becomes easier. However, rival gangs will not sit by and allow this. They will attack your fronts to disrupt your business. You will have to buy surveillance and henchman to protect your investments. You will even have to defend the business under attack personally or risk losing income generated there. Eventually you will control a warehouse where you can distribute large amounts of drugs to the turfs that you control.

The city of Miami is divided into turfs. Each turf has different fronts to obtain and is controlled by a certain gang. As you start only Little Havana is available to start your empire, although the whole city is open to explore. As you gain control over disputed territory, new turfs will open up to control. You will need to eliminate rival gangs as you purchase fronts to distribute your drugs. There are four major turfs and there is also an island where cocaine is produced. Most of your large suppliers are on this island and you'll have to travel there to make the big deals. Once you make a deal, you must then smuggle the drugs by boat back to a warehouse for distribution.

To control turf, you must eliminate rival gangs and purchase fronts in that turf. To purchase fronts, you must talk with the managers and gain their trust. This means completing some sort of task for them. Once you have done this they will offer to sell the business and work for you. As you supply them with drugs, the price rate and demand will rise, thereby earning more money for you. But you must defend these fronts as they are your primary source of income. To do that, you will need guns... lots of guns.

Guns are available from back alley vendors. You'll usually find one near a front. At first you will be limited in your choices, but as you build your reputation, you build your arsenal. Weapons include hand guns, automatic rifles, shotguns and even rocket launchers. Of course, you will also gain access to Tony's "little friend", the devastating carbine rifle with attached grenade launcher. As your reputation increases you will also have the option to upgrade your weapons. Better accuracy, bigger clips and silencers are all available eventually.

Nothing attracts police attention like gunfire in the streets. There will be plenty of that. So, in order to reduce the heat of the police, you will have to pay them off. As you openly commit unlawful acts such as hit and runs, gang warfare or gunplay in public, the police will be looking for you. Killing gang members draws you heat from vice cops. They will have to be paid off too. Get too much heat and you'll be indicted, then it will cost you big money. Shoot a cop and your heat will jump dramatically. You will even have to outrun some police. This will never happen on foot. You'll need a fast car for this.

Getting around town to distribute drugs or running from the police requires a set of wheels. You will start with one of your own but will realize quickly you need something with speed. Of course, you can always steal a car, but that will draw heat from the cops. The best way to get a car is to simply use your phone. Once you have purchased a driver, he will bring any car you own with a single phone call. He will also tag along for the ride, in case you run into trouble. You will be able to buy faster cars that handle better as your reputation increases. There is a huge variety of vehicles, each with their own special traits. Some vehicles are very fast, but have little armor and can easily be wrecked. Others are slower but offer more protection from collisions and from rival gang attacks.

When it is time to confront rival gangs, you'll often be greatly outnumbered. There is a way to equalize the odds, that is by using your rage. A rage meter builds as you perform acts with "balls". To Tony, balls are everything. Balls can be earned in many ways. Skillful driving, pedestrian conversations and taunting your victims all earn you balls. Once the rage meter is full, you can unleash a powerful attack. When enraged, Tony become invulnerable, targets multiple enemies and gains health for everyone he kills. Although rage only lasts a few seconds, it can get you out of some bad situations.

As your balls levels increase, you will be able to meet femme fatales. When you've earned a certain amount of balls, they will appear on your map. You can travel to meet them and start a conversation. These are ladies who normally wouldn't look twice at Tony, but you can charm them into staying at your mansion. Once they agree to stay at your mansion, they will eventually offer you upgrades to your health, rage meter and stamina. Tony loves to collect beautiful things to decorate his mansion. Femme fatales fit the bill nicely.

Tony can also purchase exotics to display at the mansion. Once purchased, they can be placed anywhere you want. Items range from furniture, plants and statues to more unique items like Gina and Manny's remains. Every time a purchase is made your reputation increases, varied by the price or rarity of the item. Once a certain reputation level is reached, returning to the mansion will upgrade Tony's skill and unlock new turfs and weapons.

Of course, all this money you make will have to be laundered somehow. One way to launder money is to buy exotic items. Things like henchmen, cars, boats, decor, furniture, unique items and investments. But the best way to protect your hard earned cash is to take it to the bank. The bank will launder dirty money for a fee. This is negotiated each time your make a deposit. The best rate available is equal to your reputation level. The worst rate can be over 30%. So each time you make a deposit it must be done with skill by intimidating the teller.

Intimidation can be a powerful weapon and Tony is a master at it. It will get you the best rates at a bank, stop gang member from being aggressive, negotiate the best drug deals and even talk your way out of a bust by the cops. Each time an intimidation occurs, you must press and release a button as the intimidation meter fills. Timing is crucial for success. Too short or too long could end in disaster. You might lose all your drugs and money to the cops or even start a gunfight on a bad drug deal.

The graphics in Scarface are excellent. Attention to detail is very obvious. The environments are richly detailed with diverse communities and an underlying tropical Miami feel. Palm trees sway in the breeze and you can even see stars move across the night sky. Re-creations of specific locations from the film are done so well, you'll feel like you are in the movie. The mansion, the Oakley Drive-In, the Babylon Club, the Sun Ray Motel and even Angel Dust Donuts are all represented in game. Right from the start, with the reenactment of the mansion slaughter, you know this is the world of Scarface.

The sound is a huge part of this game. Voice acting is superior. Even though Al Pacino does not do the in-game voice acting, Andre Sogliuzzo does such a good job, you'd never know. Also lending voice talent is James Woods, Robert Loggia, Cheech & Chong and Bam Margera to name a few. The soundtrack is outstanding with official movie soundtrack and numerous other artists and genres. Notable 80's acts include Run DMC, Rick James, Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry. There are Latin, hip-hop, country tracks and more, with something for everyone's taste. There is even the option to make your own custom tracks from the playlist. Music can also be played anytime during the game by accessing the music menu.

Everything in the game has been designed to give you the full Scarface experience. As Tony Montana, the world is yours for the taking. Even though Sosa betrayed you, a man with your balls will not be stopped. The lavish, extravagantly decadent lifestyle of a drug kingpin is within your reach. It will take ruthless determination and unflinching nerves to climb back to the top. But every dog has his day and Tony Montana is the best.

Scarface game image
Click here to view our 15 Scarface in-game screenshot slideshow

Scarface game image
Click here to view our 15 Scarface in-game screenshot slideshow

Your Scarface Wish List ?

If you have views on a feature or aspect that you would like to see included in 'Scarface' or future sequels of this game, we would love to hear from you. Better still we will pass on the very best of these ideas to the developers of the games and who knows, your wish may be granted..!

Click here to send us your ideas about Scarface.

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