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Sly Cooper PS2 PlayStation2 Playstation 2 PStwo

Sly Cooper PS2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Sony PlayStation2 guide to the game Sly Cooper, it contains everything we currently know about Sly Cooper for the PS2 videogame console.

We will be updating the info on this page as soon as we get more news about Sly Cooper, so please bookmark this page and visit often.

Guide to Sly Cooper on the PlayStation 2

Looks like there may be a new mascot in town and he goes by the name of Sly Cooper. Fitting all of the criteria for a good console mascot (he’s irreverent, slick, has his own “look” goin’ for him and of course he’s just plain cool), Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is set to appear on the PS2 console sometime this September.

Sony just sent us over the latest demo version of this intriguing title and I have to tell you, we have been having a fantastic time playing it at the office.

The game is all about stealth and revolves around a world-class thief named Sly. It seems that Sly has aspirations to become the world’s most renowned thief and with the assistance of his right hand man, Bentley, he is well on his way to achieving his goal.

The game’s characters are all cell shaded and look absolutely superb. I was never much into the earlier cell shaded games, but things have really come a long way in a short amount of time. The “look” of the characters is extremely pleasing to the eye and the animation effort at this point in development is simply awesome. The backgrounds have a distinct “cartoony” look to them and the overall appearance is very satisfying and unlike any other cell shaded game that I have played to date.

Another interesting piece of animation to look for is Sly’s own fluffy tail…it appears to have a mind of its own. It is in constant motion and almost becomes a character in its own right.

The physics engine is also a thing of beauty. There are a ton of fully animated background objects, many of which are interactive. There is always a lot of stuff happening in any particular frame of the game.

AA is also apparently being used, as the display is nice and clean with no jagged edges or aliasing. The game truly looks sweet.

Make no mistake here; Sly is a platform title first and foremost. The now apparently mandatory “collection” routine still applies here. The items that are picked up are Sly tokens and if you collect 100 of them, an extra life is the reward. Tokens are out in plain site, but are also hidden all over the place. Bust up a sign, statue, ship mast, etc. and a nice cache of coins will fall out. These coins have a time limit though, so scoop them up fast or risk losing them.

The game uses a hubbing method to tie locations together and getting from one place to another often requires special keys that are found at the end of previous levels.

Sly has a nice repertoire of moves to compliment his fine animation. In the demo, we started out with the ability to jump, stealth walk, slash and use a jump slash technique. After collecting 34 bottles with encoded messages inserted in them (the bottles were scattered about the level) we were rewarded with another move that I will call the “corkscrew”. I am sure there are many other moves that can be acquired in this manner throughout the game.

In closing, Sly shows an enormous amount of promise and should help the PS2 hold its own in the platform arena against some stiff competition (aka…Mario Sunshine and Blinx) from the other consoles this year. With Sly, Ape Escape 2 and Ratchet and Clank in Sony’s hip pocket, this should prove to be a very interesting year in the console platform market.

Sly Cooper PS2 Main Features

A completely innovative and unique game adventure that blends realistic physics in richly detailed, animated worlds.
A crafty and charming bandit determined to become the world’s best thief; Sly Cooper the raccoon is a clever, colorful and witty new character for Playstation 2.
In addition to Sly Cooper, gamers will meet an entire eye-popping family of lovable and not-so-nice characters all with fluid actions that will provide amusing entertainment for hours on end.
A blend of realistic physics in richly detailed, toon-shaded worlds. As one of the world’s greatest thieves, gamers will enjoy smooth, seamless gameplay and animations. Watch as the cartoon world comes to life with a depth and dimension unlike any other.
Gamers can choose from a variety of gameplay options including stealth, platform, vehicle, boss and mini-games. Stealth and smarts are required as you sneak through the day and night…rooftop chases, narrow escapes, dodging security guards and ninja-like jumping…through windows, doors and across buildings.
Multi-tiered gameplay including primary, secondary and tertiary objectives provide additional challenges for gamers.
Sneak around five unique hideouts while trying to recover the Thievius Raccoonus, including Ice, Underwater, Bayou, Venice and Industrial.

Your Sly Cooper Wish List ?

If you have views on a feature or aspect that you would like to see included in 'Sly Cooper' or future sequels of this game, we would love to hear from you. Better still we will pass on the very best of these ideas to the developers of the games and who knows, your wish may be granted..!

Click here to send us your ideas about Sly Cooper.

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