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Spyro A New Beginning PS2 PlayStation2 Playstation 2 PStwo

Spyro A New Beginning PS2 Game Guide

Welcome to our Sony PlayStation2 guide to the game Spyro A New Beginning, it contains everything we currently know about Spyro A New Beginning for the PS2 videogame console.

We will be updating the info on this page as soon as we get more news about Spyro A New Beginning, so please bookmark this page and visit often.

Spyro A New Beginning game image
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Guide to Spyro A New Beginning on the PlayStation 2

Spyro the dragon is probably one of the more recognized characters from the original PlayStation, having had 3 hit games on that console. With the move to the PS2, however, things took a bit of a downturn mainly due to a different development team taking the reins and putting out what could be considered mediocre games that seemed to focus less and less on the main character.

Now Vivendi Universal has given Spyro to a new team, Krome Studios, and have decided to reboot the series with a retelling of his origin and giving a bit more back story on the the little purple dragon. Every 10 generations a special dragon is born that can master the four elements of the earth- earth, fire, ice and electricity- and Spyro, it turns out, is that dragon. The story begins with Ignitus, a rather large red dragon, guarding the egg that will eventually hatch our hero when the kingdom comes under attack. After escaping he sends the egg into hiding down a river. The egg eventually comes to rest in a swamp where he is found by a family of dragonflies and he is taken in as one of their own. It's only while playing a game of chase with best friend Sparx he discovers his fire-breathing ability and realizes he is more than he seems.With Sparx in tow, he heads off to find his true heritage.

The gameplay is a mix of 3D platforming and combat. The melee atacks have become a bit more sophisticated from previous outings which allows for combos such asknocking enemies into the air and then attacking them on the way down using aerial combos and various elemental attacks which can be earned as the game progresses. These elemental powers can be accessed using the D-Pad and are upgradeable. Also making a return in the game is the collecting of gems but this time they serve a purpose- each color refills a particular guage for health, breath power and a special attack meter that, when filled, allows the unleashing of Spyro's most powerful attacks.

No expense was spared in the voice department- well known actors fill in key roles such as Elijah Wood (Frodo from the Lord of the Rings trilogy) as Spyro, comedian David Spade as Sparx and Gary Oldman as Ignitus, Spyro's mentor.

The graphics aren't that far off from what was seen in previous installments but still look great especially taking into account the number of things happening at once on screen. It's nothing new for Spyro to be surrounded by enemies while he lets them have it with the varied attacks. Some of the effects for the flame and lightning attacks are especially cool to see and there hasn't been any sign of a frame drop. This is probably the best Spyro has ever looked.

With the simple kid-friendly control scheme and the seeming intent to get the series back on its feet this is a game that may be worth looking out for.

Spyro A New Beginning game image
Click here to view our 6 Spyro A New Beginning in-game screenshot slideshow

Spyro A New Beginning PS2 Main Features

Combat & Upgrade System Allows Increased Power and Variety of Moves & Attacks
Elemental upgradeable breath attacks (Earth, Fire, Ice, Electricity)
Massive, long-range fury attacks
Flurry of ground and aerial melee attacks and combos
Non-Stop, Explosive Action!
Enemy damage meters, strategic use of attacks to defeat enemies
Variety of unique environments including flying levels for the first time
Bone-Chilling Boss Battles
Fight through unending swarms of vicious enemies, and conquer gigantic, menacing bosses

Spyro A New Beginning game image
Click here to view our 6 Spyro A New Beginning in-game screenshot slideshow

Your Spyro A New Beginning Wish List ?

If you have views on a feature or aspect that you would like to see included in 'Spyro A New Beginning' or future sequels of this game, we would love to hear from you. Better still we will pass on the very best of these ideas to the developers of the games and who knows, your wish may be granted..!

Click here to send us your ideas about Spyro A New Beginning.

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