Title: Supercross   Developer: EA Sports   Type: Dirt Bike Racing
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"For all you dirt bike racing junkies, Supercross is back and better than ever. You will surely get a rush, catching some big air, doing daredevil stunts, or battling to the finish line. "
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I just have one question, why isn\'t this encore presentation called Supercross 2001? Hmmm, maybe Supercross 2000 should remain a distant memory. Hey, If you don\'t succeed, try it again, right! Well, it appears EA Sports is doing just that. Aiming to please, this updated version has many added features and improved physics for easier handling. Lets take it for a test drive.

Starting off, there is a one or two player mode. For one player mode there are various races to choose from. Single Race is simple enough, just pick out a rider, a track, hop on your bike, and cruise. Freestyle practice was cool, as this gives you a chance to exercise moves and stunts while avoiding some silly obstacles. There are about 35 tricks in total with some of the finer ones being the Hart Attack, and Mulisha Air. After you ace a few moves, you can check out the Freestyle competition. Time Trial is just that...you race against the clock. Two player mode has the same options with the exception of Time Trial. Lets get to the MEAT of the game. The Championship Series mode is back with nine series, five of them need to be unlocked. Unlock track five you can go to six, etc…If you score big you can also unlock some other goodies. There are also some outdoor racing tracks and fantasy environments...wonder why they call it fantasy?

Being the girly that I am, I noticed right off the bat that EA has added two female contenders. My first thoughts were, woohoo, yippee, It\'s about damn time! It is cool that the developers are finally coming around. Anyway, there are also many male top contenders and legendary riders, way too many to list in this review. Create a rider from head to toe, bike too! When you are feeling a little freaky and want to be creative, check out this option and make up your own rider, be your fantasy, make up a name, kickass!

The bikes are sweet. The new improved physics are a big positive in my eyes. Control is now much more forgiving and simple enough to allow you to jump right into the game. Hint..hint..learn how to maneuver in the air and tight turn control, this will definitely give you an edge.

The visuals are nothing to rave about. I did like the fact that the riders and bikes seem to have their own color pattern, which makes it easier to determine who is who. The overall character and bike animations are nice and there is a sense of realism in the reactions of the riders and the bikes, which is a definite plus. On the down side, the frame rate seems to be a bit slow, things get a little hairy at the beginning of a race when racing against a bunch of other contenders, the visuals seem to blur and then smooth out when the riders spread out. The graphics could use some work.

The sound effects of the bikes were decent and somewhat realistic. I think the real plus was the two comedians…I mean…two commentators, Art Eckman and David Bailey. They had some decent lines, unfortunately it gets repeated pretty frequently. The background music has a solid rock & roll beat.

New physics model with quick, easy bike control

Stadiums with all 16 tracks from the EA Sports Supercross series

Official Outdoor Motocross tracks, freestyle stadiums, and outdoor fantasy environments

Over 25 riders, including two woman Motocross champions

New freestyle moves

Improved TV style presentation

• 1 Disk(s)
• CD Media
• 1 Block required on Memory card per save (min)
• Up to 2 Players (without Multi-tap)
• 2 way split screen multi-player option
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Buttons
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Analog Sticks
• Uses Dual Shock Pad Vibration facility

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Loretta Mattie  "If you are a racing fan, you will dig Supercross. I have to say the gameplay had my adrenaline kicking. I even caught myself swaying left to right as I was racing around the curves, I just hope no one saw me.

The bikes handled well and the learning curve was short. It is easy enough to jump right in. My favorite feature of the game was designing my own rider, male or female. Nothing gets me hotter than battling against the opposite sex.

Overall this is one cool ride!"
Graphics  15/20
Playability  40/50
Sound  8/10
Lastability  17/20
This is a fantastic game that we think you will enjoy playing for quite some time.
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