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Written By: SCEE

8th October 1998 - Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCEI) announced the December 23 launch in Japan of PocketStation, a miniature PDA* which will greatly enhance the gaming experience and enjoyment of the PlayStation. By spring 1999, 31 titles compatible with PocketStation are scheduled to be released by several publishers including SCEI.

*PDA = Personal Digital Assistant

Product Name SCPH-4000
Product Name SCPH-4000 "PocketStation™"
SRP 3,000 Yen (excluding tax)
Release Date December 23, 1998
Pack in Accessories Original Handy Strap x 1Lithium Battery CR2032 x 1
Casing Color White, Crystal
Initial Production 1 million units per month

The SCPH-4000 PocketStation is a PDA equipped with a programmable 32 bit RISC processor together with an LCD screen, high quality speaker and bi-directional infrared communication capability.

PocketStation can be used as a Memory Card to save PlayStation games. In addition, various compatible software downloaded from the PlayStation console can be played with the PDA, enabling users to carry their favorite application software anywhere, and to enjoy them anytime in a variety of situations such as in the car, on the train and on the go.

Also, the PocketStation can broaden the pleasure of PlayStation software with its clock/calendar function. Users will be able to enjoy applications utilizing flow of time or change of season with appropriate software, not only with PocketStation itself, but also with the PlayStation console when the PDA is attached to the Memory Card slot.

In addition, by using the bi-directional infrared communication capability, exchange of data can be done anytime, anywhere between PocketStations directly, without using the PlayStation console as a bridge. As well, it is possible to exchange data with other products equipped with infrared communication capability conforming to IrDA, with appropriate application software.

The media for PocketStation software is CD-ROM and applications can be downloaded into the PocketStation through the Memory Card slot of the PlayStation console. Therefore, application software for the PocketStation can be provided on the PlayStation software.

In addition, not only one but various application software can be stored on and played with a single PocketStation.

PocketStation is positioned as a new concept, intelligent peripheral for the PlayStation.


1. Miniature size PDA PocketStation is virtually as small as the PlayStation memory card and can be carried around anywhere, anytime.

2. Rewritable 32 bit RISC CPU Application software stored in the PocketStation can be rewritten through the Memory Card slot of the PlayStation console. Various application software can be stored and played with a single PocketStation.

3. Infrared communication capability Exchange of data can be done between PocketStations with the bi-directional infrared communication feature. In addition, with appropriate software, it is also possible to communicate with other computer and audio-visual products that support IrDA communication.

4. High quality sound The high quality miniature built-in speaker enables playback of various types of PCM sound including natural sounds.

5. Enhances the functional capability of PlayStation The clock/calendar features of the PocketStation can allow supporting software to provide a new range of time specific and seasonally based gameplay on the PlayStation itself. And as the unique identification number encoded in each PocketStation makes every unit virtually "one of a kind", supporting software can create experiences unique to each PDA.

6. Available in two colors White and Crystal.

7. Handy Strap Provides convenience and portability.


CPU :ARM7T (32 bit RISC Processor)
Memory :SRAM 2K bytes, Flash RAM 128K bytes
Graphics :32 x 32 dot monochrome LCD
Sound :Miniature speaker (12 bit PCM) x 1 unit
Switches :5 input buttons, 1 reset button

Infrared communication :Bi-directional(supports IrDA based and conventional remote control systems)
LED indicator :1 unit
Battery :Lithium battery (CR 2032) x 1 unit
Other functions :Calendar function
Identification number
Dimensions :64 x 42 x 13.5 mm (length x width x height)
Weight :Approximately 30g (including battery)

Please note that the views expressed in this review are those of the writer and not of A.P.I