PS2 doesn't play original movie DVDs
  • My slimline PS2 refuses to play original movie dvds at all - even ones just out of the plastic - getting stuck in the browser mode. It has no problem reading game discs. As an experiment I copied one of my movies, and it played this disc, even though the picture apeared to stutter at times. Any idea what is wrong with it?
  • This would be the signs of the PS2's disc drive starting to go bad. Eventually you'll find the PS2 games (also on DVD) will not play then, in future, CDs such as PSOne games will not load up.

    If you know someone that can do repairs of this sort I would say get the drive replaced. However, it may be cheaper to simply replace the entire system with a new PS2 while they are still available (Sony recently stopped manufacturing PS2s so supplies will start to drop).