Please can somebody help me
  • I forgot the email address I signed in to on psn what do I do Ive contacted sony and they said they cant do anything about it and I know they can, help me someone please ive been getting upset over this for a long time please help me :(
  • Hi I asked them if I can give info about address and such and they wouldnt let me. Everyday, every night Im trying to remember the email and I cant its upsetting me really bad, yeah I know its just an account but I like it and I even made littlebigplanet levels on that account as well please anyone please help me :(
  • My ps3 was reset and I lost everything I dont remember the email address at all so I cant do any of that, if your ps3 was reset is it possible to get everything back some how? I wish sony would help me this is not fair Im going through a lot cause of this its really really upsetting me :(