Giant Monster Movie - King Kong
  • Kong Skull Island the second movie in legendary pictures monster vs otherwise known as the legendary monsters cinematic universe this is the second movie following 2014 is Godzilla directed by Gareth Edwards. However this film was directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts who is really known for a movie called the kings of summer that was in the Sundance Film Festival a few years ago and interesting from a film fans perspective because it continues this whole trend.

    In Hollywood where they're taking these independent filmmakers and giving them the big-budget movies in fact Gareth Edwards himself went from making this film called monsters to Godzilla to of course Star Wars road one. Now what you should know before going into this movie this school Alum is that this is not a remake of the original King Kong at all.

    This is more like a soft reboot the story of King Kong you know going up the skyscraper being captured going to the city with the girl that's not what happens in this movie whatsoever this is a total like soft reboot and the vast majority of the film takes place on Skull Island and in many ways Skull Island is a character onto itself you know the characters in this film the human characters have to deal with not only Kong but the other dangers on skull out of the other you know oversized creatures that they run into and to be quite frank.

    These creatures are in many ways more charismatic and have more characters than the human character so one thing I will say is that the 2014 Godzilla movie. That's a movie where when I left the theater I was really like on cloud nine because I grew up a huge fan of Kaiju I love Godzilla. I love Gamera I love Kong even though cause I really kind you it kind of became like you know an honorary Kaiju.

    I guess you can say but I love these movies as a kid growing up I love the original King Kong I love Godzilla 2014 movie I left the air on cloud nine and then when I rewatched the movie it really wasn't as good as I remembered I wanted more Godzilla I thought that the human characters in that movie were not very interesting I thought that Bryan Cranston was completely and utterly wasted in that film and this movie Kong school island does have similar problems but in my opinion they're not as bad this movie is a fun movie.

    It's genuinely a fun movie to watch and if you are looking for films that involved giant monsters carry each other apart having epic fights this movie you're going to get some enjoyment out of this film. There are problems though there's good and there's bad now I was very surprised to find a lot of the critics on the web why do respect panning this movie thing with disappointing.

    I totally get where you're coming from but there's a certain way to watch this film to wear maybe it's just me but there is a certain charm to some of the problems in this movie. There are good in there is bad like I said and the thing is that you cannot compare it to the original 1933 King Kong movie that's more of a classic you know cinematic it's a cinematic classic you can't deny that this movie is just a badass action film and at times it's very cheesy and some of the stuff in this movie left me scratching my head and left me laughing.

    When I wasn't supposed to laugh but there were things in this movie that are so damn cheesy and ridiculous and you just burst I've burst out laughing so many times because I was so entertained by this movie and there are certain movies where you recognize that on the execution wasn't that great but it makes you laugh because it's wacky and I grew up on cheesy cannon Chuck Norris movies.

    As some of the classic so I can appreciate that you know wackiness in a movie with this film though it does have a severe identity crisis there are parts of this movie where you're watching it and you're trying to get seriously it's a serious expedition to Skull Island. You know the characters have you know a backstory and things like that and you're watching it like a drama and then in the next thing you've got characters whipping out samurai swords and doing kill bill type. For more detail you can have the best of this link and watch Kong:Skull Island 2017.