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Disney's MULAN
"An Animated Story Book Waiting For You To Make It Happen" Image Loading...
Developer: Disney Interactive
Distributor: Sony
Game Type: Educational
Review Date: Nov 99
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Setting the Scene:
Image Loading...      For many years the PC has been used as a basic tool for learning. Disney's Mulan offers younger Playstation gamers the chance to learn as they play in this point and click animated story book.

Experience the incredible story of a brave, young girl who becomes a warrior to save her father's honor and her country. Nearly 20 games, puzzles, and activities promote creativity and learning for kids ages 5-9.

Image Loading...Strengthen reading and storytelling skills.
Build vocabulary with a fun dictionary and thesaurus.
Improve problem-solving skills with games and puzzles.
Inspire creativity with do-it-yourself activities.

Sound and Vision:
Image Loading...      Graphically Mulan oozes the quality we have come to expect from a 2D animated cartoon associated with the Walt Disney Studios, but don't expect a fast paced action/adventure with dozens of special effects. You see the flow of the game has been deliberately slowed down to enable young children the time to take in every detail from each section. In fact I would say that Mulan is much more like flicking through the pages of an actual storybook.

The characters have been meticulously drawn and the colors are bright and cheerful. As each page opens a short period of animation helps the child to understand the task in hand. Then the page will freeze allowing the player to take over control.

Image Loading...The sound effects are very good and suit the game perfectly, but while the child is completing a task there is almost total silence allowing for maximum concentration. Should the player become stuck and inactive for a few moments a brief dialogue cuts in offering words of encouragement or simply to help. The games main character is undoubtedly Mushu the dragon whose humorous commentary adds tremendously to the enjoyment of playing. I couldn't decide whether he sounded more like Top Cat, or a clean mouthed Eddie Murphy. Possibly the latter. The music is predominately oriental, which again fits in nicely with the cultural theme.

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