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NCAA Football 2001
"The game does take 15 blocks of memory for a dynasty season, but that's because there is just so much packed in. Bottom line this game definitely scores a touchdown!"
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Developer  EA Sports Game Type  Sport
Distributor  EA Preview Date  Aug 00
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Setting the Scene:
      It is a beautiful Autumn day. The sun is shining with a brisk wind swirling. As you look around thousands of people are united in colors, enthusiasm and cause. The band plays the university fight song. The crowd chants together in unison showing school pride. Just beyond the crowd running on the field is a mascot, cheering and inciting the crowd. Upon the field are the colors and symbols marking the college. On this battle ground are young men giving their all. Not for money, not for fame, but for the pure love of the sport.

As mammoths smash into each other at the snap of the ball, wiry speedsters are zigging and zagging, fighting for position. The quarterback takes a 3 step drop and analyzes the formation in front of him. Pressure is coming from the blind side but instincts take effect. One micro second before the inevitable crunch the ball is released and rips through the air. A fake juke left, a hard turn right and as soon as the receiver turns around, the ball hits him straight in the numbers. Touchdown!

This scene is replayed every Saturday as college teams battle for supremacy and is now brought home to your PlayStation.

go ahead, live the fantasy!

Type of Game (Genre):
      NCAA Football 2001 is the final installment of EA's popular American Football college series before the Playstation 2 comes out. The game successfully mixes incredible detail with the pure pigskin passion that is a part of college football.

Sound and Vision:
      The look and feel is very important to all sports games and so EA have used real colleges and universities from across the land. The customary home and away jerseys are present, different stadium types with various turf is also included and the players themselves vary in size depending on their position.

Plays use the same detail as its predecessors, as the X's and O's are laid out in an easy to read format. Overall the game looks similar to last years college installment.which isn't a bad thing at all.

Oh, you can also create a fictional team that gives you more complete control of uniforms, etc. From the inner stripe on the sleeves to the helmet colors, you have full reign of what your team looks like. I love this stuff.

The sounds of the game add to the realism of game play. From every bone crunching tackle to the kick of the football this game sounds good. A major improvement from last year is the crowd chants as teams now have distinguished cheers that build the players emotions to a fevered pitch. The real fight songs are back as your favorite team takes to the field. Everything is put into place and adds to the drama that is college football. Everything that is except for the background music, which is weak and doesn't keep pace with all the other great things in this game.
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