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Threads of Fate
"Considering the fact that each of the two characters has their own unique storyline, it's almost like getting two Square games for the price of one..!"
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Developer  Square Game Type  Strategy
Distributor  Square EA Preview Date  Aug 00
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Setting the Scene:
      Threads of Fate is a dual adventure game. From the beginning you have the option of choosing either Mint or Rue as your character. I will tell the story of each to some extent.

First of there's Mint. Mint is a princess in the kingdom of East Heaven. Foul mouthed and bratty is how most would describe her however. Mint's younger sister, Maya, is second in line to the throne of East Heaven, but that will change.

Through her constant irresponsible behavior and lack of respect, Mint gets the surprise of her life. The high council, including her own family, has decided to stip Mint of her royal status. Maya, having the natural sibling rivalry one would expect, is the one who breaks this bad news to Mint. Of course Maya adds her own jeers and mockery into the news which sets Mint totally off. Now Maya is the heir to the throne of East Heaven.

Mint runs away from the kingdom and vows revenge...and world domination. Two years have passed and Mint is looking for an ancient relic left over from a time long ago when powerful mages ruled over the land. With this magical relic she will take back East Heaven from her sister and eventually rule the world.

Mint has a lot to learn on her way..

Next is the story of Rue. Rue is mysterious, not only to others, but to himself as well. He seems to be suffering from some type of memory loss.

Three years ago Rue was living with a woman that found him half dead and took him in. Claire is her name, and Rue cares more for her than anything else in the world. One day, out of nowhere, something terrible was about to happen.

A man, a grossly disfigured man, came into Rue and Claire's life. He was not here for fun, by far. He fought with Rue, for what reason Rue had no clue. Claire, hearing the commotion came running outside. Rue was losing and this mysterious man was about to get Rue bad. Claire, seeing Rue in trouble, attacked this madman. And then it happened. Claire was no more.

For three years now Rue has been searching for a relic, yes, the same relic that Mint is looking for. With this relic, which is said to be all powerful, Rue plans on bringing Claire back to him.

So the story goes, two fates tied together. Mint and Rue on two different tracks, but heading towards the same end. Stories intertwined. Will they help each other? Or will they treat one another with deceit and trickery? Only time will tell, and of course, fate.

Type of Game (Genre):
      Threads of Fate is a rpg type game with platformer type action. The combats are all in real time and take place either in a scrolling landscape or a fully 3D area

Sound and Vision:
      Lets start with the look of this game. Graphically ToF is a pleasure to look at. Everything is full 3D in appearance and done well. The character models are also well designed with a cartoonish look to them. The town of Corona is the only town in the game, it's where Rue/Mint come to plan their next move and stock up on supplies and attributes. Carona is a 3D town also, and the camera angles are automatic. When you enter buildings however the camera then becomes rotatable using the shoulder buttons on the controller. The scenery and monsters in ToF are also done very well. Detail on each of the monsters and the scenery is top notch. Again the cartoon like feel is always there, and for this game it works very well.

Sounds in the game are nice but never overbearing. ToF is filled with musical backgrounds that change often depending on which location you are in. The variety is good and conveys the mood appropriately. There are even a few tracks that sound like they came directly from Saga Frontier 2, but that could be just me.
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