• does anyone have the S lisence yet. I find it extremley difficult to get. I have passed 3 of the tests in it.

    In GT2 The S lisence was fairly easy to get.

    also any tips on how to get it?
  • [b]I'm slowly getting there on the S licence, I'm like you, only got 3 passes.

    Tips? I'm going to look towards the masters sometime at the weekend, Majik & Squanto, for little cutting corners.
  • The S Licence is not that difficult to pass - i found it much simpler than that in GT2 - i sweated blood on the viper then but here the Viper is so simple (the car has so much grip and has the race setup it has if you went and bought it)
  • Weird how people find completely different tests difficult... for me the VIPER one stumped me for ages but I got bronze on the SEATTLE test within 15 minutes.

    Maybe its due to the types of car you get used to using in the main game... I could never get the Viper to stay on the track in GT2 so have stayed well clear of it in GT3, opting for a souped-up Renault Clio for a good section of the game due to its stability - the Viper could not be more different to this in the way it handles, so you kind of have to re-learn for the S-Test that uses it. It took me day and days before I fluked a bronze on that one :) Conversely the GT40 hadles like the Clio, so it was a doddle.

    For the rainy track I just watched the demo and switched to the same view I use for racing (the one where the car is in front of you) so I could memorize track position and braking points for the corners... again this one was done in about 30 mins.
  • [b]Well I gave the S licence another go last night and did the Seattle/GT40 after 12 goes!!! and got a Silver for my efford

    You should have seen me, dancing around the house like a mad-man (no change there) then I ran into the coffee table after the phone rang and I tried to turn around and get the phone at the same time trying to miss the coffee table.

    After Wednesday is out of the way I'll be getting down to the real business and have a good 24hr stint at it.
  • Got it! Worked on it for 4 hours after my last post. So, total time was about 4 1/2 hrs.
    It helped me to turn on the ghost when I had close finish, like 1 second or less.

    S-8 is bullcrap! That ain't no car! It's a fricken uncontrolled balistic missile!! What the hey is that all about!
    Oh Well, now I can go play with the F1's.

  • [b]So I sat down this afternoon and gave the S licence a good going at!

    So in 40 mins I finished all the tests, hurray I got an S licence at last!!! and how easy was it? Just need to have some time on my hands today, no distractions, phone line taken out and coffee pot & snacks on the go.

    The only course/car I had a little trouble with was the Mazda MX-5, just got in for a bronze.

    Laguna SECA/ Viper was cool :cool: just floored it all the way around and took a flying leap right over and down the 'cork screw' in 4th gear and nailed a silver.

    SS Route 11/Griffith 500 was the only one that I was on with the longest

    and the final test Cote d'Azur/GT-One was soooo easy, well after playing the Monaco track on other games for well over 10 years it's my favorite race track of all time so getting a silver (1'27"980) was great 2nd time around, later on I'll try and shave off the little bit extra to get a gold, my only gold it will be though, but worth it.

    It seems that a lot of us have drifferent driving/racing style so the hard tracks to them are easy for me and vice-versa

    I've now completed all licences and off to have some 24hr gaming fun :)