• cant figure out this damn clock thingie.. i got it open... tried diffrent variations with the scratches on the wall :mad:
    plz help lol
  • [b]
    Brian, use the clock key and then change the time on the clock to 9:10, as indicated by the scratches. it should be the same number each time you do the clock puzzle but if it's not, examine the
  • On the table there's a riddle, if you read it you'll see that it says that Scott is on the 3 while also being stuck on the 15. If you think 15 and 3 are the same on a clock. So Scott must be seconds. Now you figure that Henry=Hours, Mildred=Minutes, and Scott=Seconds. If you got bored and held a clock up to the scratches then you would notice that the time is 9:10.15. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • hehe thanks ... finaly figured it out. :)