• :cry: It's no good. I can feel that I'm gonna have 2 start the game again - but b4 I bow out, is there ANY way of getting Maria far enough down the corridor at the climax of the Hospital without Pyramid getting mediaval on her ass? I think she's taken too many hits or something because no matter how fast I take those corners she only survives 3 swipes before she buys it. I ALWAYS get to just before the cut-scene trigger - literally a NANOSECOND - then, whoops: shish kebab. I'm playing the game on 'Hard' action mode(is this necessary for any endings or bonuses?)which explains some of it but its driving me mad!! How can I save her... er, so she can get killed? Am I heading for a restart? :mad:
  • Nope you don't have to re-start. Just make sure you make it to the elevator w/out Maria getting killed before you do. Once you make it to the elevator, it's OK what happens to Maria. :cool:
    Uh...I just reread your post & I think I understand. She's getting killed BEFORE you're getting to the cut-scene where she dies, is that right? I don't know what to tell you except...uh....RUN LIKE HELL!!!! :0
  • Just ignore her (maria) and try and save ur own skin, it will all make a bit of sense later!!!!! There is no way of saving the poor dear so u mite as well get ur ass outa there!

    SO run, run like the wind!!!!!!
  • ??? OK, thats what I thought - but seeing as how I've ran fast enough to make Cheetara look like a sloth with a gunshot wound, I guess that one's out of order. Does it matter if I play the game through on 'Easy' action setting, then - does that affect the endings/bonus items in any way?