• I am in an area with a windmill.
  • I'm not an expert with this game but i'm pretty sure all you have to do is hold on and jump off when you get to the top. That's personally what i did when i played the game and more than likely that's what you're supposed to do. Someone who has played more of this game than I such as Lyndon will be able to give you more help than I. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming. :thumbsup:
  • The windmill was in the demo disc from the Official US PS2 Magazine.Here's what to do:

    Go up the stairs that lead to the windmill's door.To get to the top grab onto the shaft sticking out from behind the windmill blades-this quickly gets you right to the top of the windmill.Once there you can follow the path past the door to the switch that extends the bridge.Pull that and get Yorda to jump over.Lead her to the door and move on to the next room.
  • Just got to this area myself and noticed they made some slight changes from the demo-the shafts I mentioned aren't there anymore!What you have to do once you climb up halfway is walk across the ledge and face the windmill blades going up.Now jump off when one of the blades is nearly straight out across from you-you should grab on and be carried up (don't worry if you miss,you'll land in the water down below).As you're moving up,shimmy across the blade towards the end.Once you reach the top and are about to lose your grip jump off onto the roof.Follow the path to a lever-use it to extend the wooden bridge in the wall.Go to the edge of it and get Yorda to jump across and make your way to the door.You might want to make a save at the couch in the area before moving on past here.