Help at waterfall
  • Hi. I am new in this board. I am so happy to meet you guys. I need some help at the waterfall, I dunno how to make it stop. It
  • On the other side of the shallow river is a valve-turn it to shut off the water.Then use the block you shoved over the edge to be able to reach the ledge and have Yorda break the seal.
  • I dunno where that is? The shallow river!
    I am in that hall, where we are at the bench. A waterfall comes down and there are two bridges. One of wood and the other hangs. If you go to the other side you find a yard and an elevator. I was there but still couldn
  • From the couch at the other side of the rickety bridge go down the stairs to the water's edge.Climb up the chain to get to the walkway you were on recently.Exit the door and move to the platform sticking out and jump into the courtyard.You'll find a block at the grassy edge-shove it into the stony area.Take the elevator up,go through the door and head down the chain to get Yorda.Take her back across the bridge and take her down the steps into the sony courtyard in the next area.Use the crate to get to the grassy area and help Yorda up.

    Details on how to get to the valve I'm talking about are in the last few previous threads.Have a look to get through the rest of the way.You can find it here.
  • Thanx, I already did all that. When I am with Yorda in that green yard, we go up the ladder, then again once up the ladder and after we go through that door we are on a bridge that leads into that enormous hall. But there is a fence on that bridge, I can
  • If you check the thread I linked to I believe Lola Nicolina answered the question as to how to get to it.
  • Thank you very much Lindon!