• Hi, i'm a new member, glad to be here, i'm playing shypon filter

  • Sorry jacha but i can't seem to remember what to do but you could check out this Walkthrough and see if you can find the answer there :) .

    Hope i'v helped and welcome to the forum :D .

  • after you find a body with the virus scanner, stand directly on top of the box containing the body and press the triangle button.
    good luck, this level was so hard.
  • This level is real tricky. For jacha and anyone else who is having problems, this might help a bit:

    To start with you need to get the scanner. Its located in a building roughly opposite you and to the right (if your standing in the starting alley). Take out any pesky people running around with guns, get up on the roof of the building and shoot out either one of the 2 windows. Jump inside there'll be a cut scene and then you'll find a box with the scanner in the corner. Don't hang about too much getting through the window - new bad guys will be appearing all the time and just love to put a few shots in your back! Note that even though you wont be able to acquire an automatic weapons lock on dude in the room (i think his name was Erikson or something like that) after you grab the scanner, but you can still line up manually and end his sorry a** life without it affecting gameplay (it depends whether you're feeling bloodthirsty or not!)

    The bodies are found in several different locations (but always in crates, i.e. inside buildings). When you have cleared a building (if necessary) of hostiles, then select the viral scanner as you would a weapon. Now when you press fire you will activate the scanner and your view will change (note you can also use the scanner to see through walls in a limited way, which sometimes will come in handy). If there is a body in any of the crates it will light up like a readybreak kid (if its there - you can't miss it). All you then have to do is get close to the body and press use (triangle) to plant a beacon. Sometimes you'll have to stand on top of the body to plant the beacon, other times by the side/ in front of it (use your common sense). Once you have planted a beacon 'checkpoint' will flash up and if you get killed you'll be able to start from the last beacon you activated.

    This level is seriously confusing, but its also one of the most fun. You'll just have to spend some time running around like a gun totting psychopath until ya find all the bodies (and even then you've still got some work to do!!).