• What are the best monsters to keep??

    Why do you have to start from level zero when you go back to the tower??

    How come when you die you lose all your money??

    Im startin to hate this game!!
  • Here's the strategy guide for Azure Dreams and here's some hints and codes to help you on your way. I hope these are what you need. If not post again and we'll find the answer for you.
  • Didnt find any answers
  • You lose all the money that you're carrying when you die. To counter this, try to keep most of your money in your safe.
  • Always save before entering the tower. The best weapon is the gold sword it dosn't rust. leave money in the safe before saving you don't need it in the tower. I found that the dragon is the best monster to keep and train it transforms at level 20.:thumbsup: