• hey all
    i am wondering how do u get more powerful abilities and stuff. all i get from the sphere grid is like lightning and just "first grade" magic and abilities, i am not too far in the game i do not think, i am not sure, but am i missing something that i should be equipping or using??!
  • Keep working the sphere grid. It can take awhile but the good stuff is in there.
  • All you can do is fight, fight, and fight some more if you want to level up quickly. I did that but it sorta makes the game too easy so do this at your own risk. I still enjoyed the game thoroughly but you may not feel the same way, i don't know what you like. Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • Yeah, just do what these guys said and when you get into the game later, you'll be able to do that 99 Sphere Lvs. trick to really fly through that grid. Chanllenge yourself. See if you can get all your characters to get all your stats maxed out and all the abilities.