Braskas Final Aeon Troubles!
  • jeesus christ on a bike i couldnt believe that thing i just had to fight
    braskas final aeon i whooped it on the first round but then he brings out
    a sword in round 2 but thats not wot i have the problem with its when he lowers his hand on youre players and they just crumble is there any way of avoiding this.........




  • I didn't have much trouble with him, but I really leveled up my guys. My Tidus did 62000 damage (more than round 1) with just one hit. Check out my Leveling up guide for more info. Try to get your overdrives and cast hastega or mighty guard or something like that. Hope it helps.
  • Okay, you really need to level up but that's not everything. Once again, I suggest you get all your Aeons ready with they're Overdrive, you never know, but attention, the only Aeon who can make severe damage is Bahamut, so use the other Aeons like they were completely expendable (and trust me they really ARE at that point of the game!) and Summon them when you see there's an Overdrive comming from Jecht. If Bahamut is strong enough (to live without you, strong enough... erm, sorry LOL).... anyway, level up your characters and your Aeons will level up as well. And if they level up really good Bahamut will be much stronger and may attack with it's Mega Flare and THEN resist to all further attacks from Jecht and THEN cast another Mega Flare, VERY usefull!!!!
    Also, practice inside Sin in that maze-purple-road, there are some enemies who have very precious items, like STAMINA TABLET (it doubles max HP of a character) and TWIN STAR (it reduces MP cost to 0 (zero)!!!) Which means, with Rikku you will steal as many of these as you can get and then, when you think you're ready, fight Jecht again! Use Stamina Tablets (Select Rikku -> Special -> Use) on a character and then heal him/her and his/her HP will increase the double. And then use TWIN STAR (or STAR TWIN, I don't remember very well) on Yuna, and she may cast Holy with no MP cost at all, and Holy will take 9999 every time. Tidus's CHEER is good because it will help you resist to Jecht's attack with his sword and his big, BEAUTIFUL, secret attack!!! Maybe you've seen it already! Well, try this! Good luck! :)
  • I died a few times too but he wasnt too much trouble. just do this. Try to go out and get all the crests and sigils you can. (I wouldnt reccomend trying to get lulus.) Then, get all your characters and aeons in overdrive. Then fight. Beat his first form using as little overdrives as possible. Then use the overdrives on his second form.Also, try to get secret aeons!
  • Jecht's Overdrive, Jecht Bomber only took 1500 of Hp from My Valefor.... He once used his Overdrive to my characters and... it only takes 200 from them...