• Man this thing makes my characters look like widdle bunny rabbits fighting a T-rex or whatever. Of course I've never been good at RPGs but I love em ^-^. Ugh, I'm like this close *holds up two fingers very close together* to just saying 'forget it' and going on with the game! It's not that I can't beat it, it's just that I don't feel like taking up the challenge.
    Well I have to admit it's nice and scarey looking. Maybe I should eat some really spicey food and play the game at night, then fall asleep and have a nightmare or something. I dunno what good that will do but I wanna remember the way that thing looks before it mangles my characters into a bloody heap then obliterates anything left. :blink:
    Uh anywho, great....I forgot what I was gonna ask! Stupid selective memory...well...darn, I'll ask later. Might as well just use this post as a little thing...ugh...forget it! Just post anything you know about Omega weapon here for me!
    I'm still addicted to the dumb Ninja lol! Thanks to whoever made the faces ^-^;.
  • I will say first, Step away from the the Mountain Dew(ya know, this does the same thing to Tiff.....hmmmm). Ok, you're still at a low level....either that or i was too high but i didn't even wander into the Omega Ruins until i was sure i could easily defeat anything in there....I just hung out at the save point and leveled up until i felt safe and by that time i was near invulnerable and i was rich beyond my bbelief....now i just wish i had my legendary weapons when i went in thwere the first time but you can beat him....Just try your hardest and be prepared for a good battle.....Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • If you have the International/PAL/Euro version then Omega has approximately 999 999 health (nothing compared to Dark Aeons :o ) and if you have the NTSC version (i think that's it) apparently it has 99 999 health. Its best move Nova, or Super Nova, can't remember which one :( does about 5000 damage depending on your 'level'. His shimmering rain attack is fairly strong, and does damage to all characters, like Nova. Thankfully, it is not as powerful. His normal attack, if you can call it normal, is his natural attack using claw thingie(yeah, you heard me) and that is fairly weak compared to the others and only does damage to one person. Ummm, if you're having trouble do what i usually do. Summon your best aeon that you have, and damage him to he'', i mean to pain, if that makes sense, which im sure it doesn't.
  • Oh, trust me, I understand everything perfectly somehow. Hehe I'm not a person who'se good with words but I can understand other people's...words or whatever. Yes I know, the Mountain Dew is a strong waker upper thingy mabober..

    Well, I'm a little sissy and I don't feel like fighting something that's gonna rip me into pieces. What are all these 'dark Aeon' things anywho!? I keep hearing about em but I have no clue what they are...Well anyways, I'll try to beat the thing but don't count on me winning! :ph34r:

    dumb Ninja thing :blink: ~Setsuna~
  • The Dark Aeons are only in the International and PAL versions of FFX. We didn't ever get that version stateside Ms. Setsuna. We may get games early but we sure do miss out on alot of extras...Well, i hope that you enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • awwww! That sucks some big f...er..hehe ^-^;;. nevermind. Yeah we do get games early but I'd rather get extra stuff, otherwise it's no fun that way!. Oh well, I haven't been able to play my game so I haven't been able to fight Omega. I feel really sick sortof. Every time I try to sleep I stop breathing and I feel really light, not to mention dizzy and shakey. I think I need to go to the doctor or something if this keeps up... :blink:
  • Yeah we get to fight the warrior monks from Bevele that are after us.... Since they got Aeons (Dark Aeons) they think that they stand a chance against us... About Omega Weapon... the one from FF8 gave me a lot more of fighting.
  • I seemed to do really well against him, but maybe Tidus's Blitz Ace with over 115 strength and 9999 hp was the reason :) . Well, like I always say, just go in with your overdrives full and cast Hastega, protect, shell, etc. And Rikku's Trio of 9999 can really help. If you still need levels, check out my level gaining guide. Hope this helps.