• Would you recomend buying this game? Also i have a demo and my sword keeps braking and i dont get new ones what should i do?

    Thanks :lol:
  • I have the game and I say that you should buy it... About the weapon always braking up... use a Repair Powder (colour yellow).. and you can get more swords when you find big treasure boxes... all the big boxes have traps so try to guess the trap... if you succedd you get the weapon unharmed but if you fail..something haapens, instead of guessing the trap... you can try to get a Treasure Key to open it..

    Also the weapons you get in the boxes.. can be builded-up I mean change them into stronger swords... There is a sword that you can get after beating the game... but it's hard to get it..
  • The game is a good buy at the $20 it is now, but it wasnt worth the $50 I paid when it first came out.
  • I cant find any repair powder and you only start out with 1! I kept dying on pourpos after i got all the chest and searched the level without killing the guys untill i was reday to move on. And i got 2 or 3 swwords and alot of stuff. Do you think i should just keep doing this seince the levels keep changing. Also on 1 of my men i found 5 swords and alot of stuff but you cant saver on the demo. Also does it mater what name u put in? Ever time i play it i have to enter a name but when i leave it TOAN it is really hard. :unsure: