Peter Pan Return To Neverland
  • [I]Hi I'm new to this but I have a 4 year old getting very angry with him self he has completed 31% already but cant get any further do you know of any cheats (not gameshark) so I can have some peace and quite Thanks :rolleyes:
  • I have a younger brother who is exactly the same, expect he likes to take his anger out on me as well <_<<br />
    As for codes, i've exhausted all my sources and all I could find was a few codes for level select:

    Jungle Level

    Beach Level

    Forest Level

    If I find anything else, i'll let you know. Hope these help B)

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  • killa has found all the cheat codes i could find but i will keep on looking for u
  • Thanks for the codes :)

    But urrrrmmmm How do you use them (are they for the playstation???)

    Sorry not very good at this :( not sure what I need to press!!!!!

    Thanks Again