• is driver 1 cool to? :huh:
  • hell yeah drive 1 is fun! to me it's got better graphics than driver 2 has got
    so if ya get it let me know how it goes
  • Driver1 is just as good if not better than Driver2.I prefer the 70's style used more in D1 than d2.The graphics don't improve much in D2 over D1 but driver2 has more variety mixed into it, with all the interchanges, and more cars, etc
  • do ya think I should get d1 or d2?
  • It's up to you to decide which one is best... for me... I like D1 but I finished it in 1h30m... and D2 is also harder but with a lot more secrets... as secret cars such as a Mini (!!) which are very fast... racing tracks yeah it's true a racing track... and it is really more challeging and it can be more fun cuz you can get out of a car and then get into another one.... and sometimes you find a police car parked and get inside it a you begin having the cops right on your tail...
  • You may as well go with Driver 1 as it's only $9.99and then you can get Driver 2 at a later date for only $19.99. That way you can play the games in order. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.